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SmartLab Toys Aftershock Earthquake Lab Set (53 Piece) -
SmartLab Toys Aftershock Earthquake Lab Set (53 Piece)

Can you stand up to the destructive force of the EARTHQUAKE? Earthquakes are one of the most destructive forces in the entire world. This is your chance to put your creations to the test! Earthquake simulator gives you everything you'll need to build tons of different buildings. The variable-lock girder system offers young engineers endless possibilities for their structural experimentation. Can you design a quake-proof house? Office building? Skyscraper? The included EARTHQUAKE table is where kids will put their designs to the test! Quakes of all different different types, magnitudes, and durations are available with the dual-motion shake table, for the most realistic experience possible. Can't quite handle the rumbles? Earthquake simulator comes with a seismic science book loaded with information on quakes of all kinds to give you a leg up on the rumbles.

  • Color: Multicolor
  • Brand: SmartLab Toys
  • UPC: 834509005255
  • Part No: 15726
Earthquake -

  • ASIN: B002DU3BKG
Pitsco EQs Tremor Table -
Pitsco EQs Tremor Table

Looking like a chunk of earth’s crust dislodged by an earthquake, the EQs shakes model buildings to the breaking point. A control box with an LED display reports the cycles per second from zero to 30, which is within the range of an earthquake’s P waves. Plus, you can program up to eight minutes of a shake sequence - perfect for consistent testing and structure-building contests. The EQs is also a great tool for demonstrating resonant frequency. When used with the floor plate system, the EQs helps your students reach new heights of learning. The floor plates are made of 1/8" plywood and are built as part of the structure. Holes in the plate’s center allow bolts and washers to be attached, which simulate the concrete and steel load on the floors of a real skyscraper. Without having to insert metal load plates after building, students have more design possibilities by using this system. Includes the Pitsco Earthquake Engineering book to guide students through the structure design and building process. Comes with five of the wood floor plates, five bolts and nuts, and 50 washers - enough to build one earthquake tower.

  • Brand: Pitsco
  • ASIN: B00854H0LA
  • UPC: 818975011019
  • Part No: 30718
hand2mind Rocking Wobbletop Shake Table -
hand2mind Rocking Wobbletop Shake Table

Explore shapes and stability to design a earthquake-safe structure with the Wobble top Shake Table. The Wobble top Shake Table is a hands-on model that simulates how the ground moves during an earthquake. Use the Shake Table to test model buildings for earthquake protection.

  • Brand: hand2mind
  • ASIN: B06W5315GK
  • UPC: 848850104239
  • Part No: 66467
Aftershock -

  • ASIN: B078VHFMZ8
Aftershock! Earthquake Lab Gear Apparel Toys, 2017 Christmas Toys -
Aftershock! Earthquake Lab Gear Apparel Toys, 2017 Christmas Toys

It's your engineering skills vs. a magnitude 10 earthquake. Who will win? Following along with the seismic science book and using the included building pieces, young engineers get to construct all kinds of buildings and then put them to the test with quakes of all different types, magnitudes, and durations. Build them tall, wide, stout, skinny - The variable-lock girder system offers endless structural experimentation while the dual-motion shake table lets kids discover which structures stand up to which kinds of earthquakes best. Do you have what it takes to build the strongest, sturdiest building ever? Break your way into the rambunctious science of seismology with the Aftershock Earthquake Lab! Aftershock! Earthquake Lab Building pieces and science book for experimenting with structural engineering and earthquakes Encourages visual-spatial skills, logic, experimentation, creativity, an interest in engineering Test your engineering skills against all kinds of earthquakes! Variable-lock girder system offers endless structural experimentation Dual-motion shake table simulates all types of seismic events Includes motorized shake table, building platform, 32 variable-lock building girders, 9 floor panels, base panel, 8 sheaths of structural cladding, 6 mix-and-match quake keys, 3 i...

  • Brand: Ggeology Science Kits
  • ASIN: B075HV72J1
  • Part No: 5333910034
Thames & Kosmos Volcanoes and Earthquakes -
Thames & Kosmos Volcanoes and Earthquakes

Earth is constantly changing. Massive pieces of its outer layer are slowly sliding under, over, away from, or past each other. Earthquakes shake the continents and oceans, and volcanoes spew out the molten insides of our planet. By studying these awe-inspiring and devastating natural phenomena, you can learn more about the inner workings of Earth.Build and erupt a model volcano with plaster-based "lava" that hardens after each eruption. The volcano can be erupted multiple times, and the volcanic cone builds up with each eruption, like a real volcano. Learn about the different types of volcanoes. Build a working seismograph, and fake some 'quakes to see for yourself how scientists measure earthquake forces. Discover plate tectonics, and see how volcanoes and earthquakes are caused by the constant movement of the planet's parts. Assemble a plate tectonics puzzle and a geological globe. Play a volcano quiz game to learn about well-known volcanoes.

  • Color: Multi
  • Brand: Thames & Kosmos
  • UPC: 814743010420
  • Part No: 665081
Part 1 -


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