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Key to Savannah: A Made in Savannah Cozy Mystery (Made in Savannah Cozy Mysteries Series Book 1) -
Key to Savannah: A Made in Savannah Cozy Mystery (Made in Savannah Cozy Mysteries Series Book 1)

Winner Mom's Choice Award - 2017 “If you like clean cozy mysteries, that keep you guessing until the end, you’ll love Hope Callaghan Cozy Mysteries”"Key to Savannah" is Book 1 in the Made in Savannah Cozy Mysteries Series BONUS - RECIPE INCLUDED!Months after the untimely death of mafia made man “Vinnie Garlucci,” his devoted wife, Carlita, discovers a mysterious key in one of his pockets while sorting through his belongings.With help from her daughter, Mercedes, she sets off to find out what the mysterious key belongs to and soon discovers she has inherited property in historic Savannah, Georgia. Carlita views the property as a sign and remembers Vinnie’s dying words to her to get their family out of the mafia. Against the wishes of her three sons, mother and daughter embark on a road trip to explore the property. While they're gone, someone breaks into their home and vandalizes it. This is the second time it has happened since Vinnie's death and Carlita is convinced that it's somehow tied to the mafia.Carlita and Mercedes are looking forward to leaving their old life behind with a fresh start in beautiful Savannah. They quickly realize you can run but you can’t hide from the past. The Made in Savannah Cozy Mysteries Series contains no foul language, sex, or gor...

  • ASIN: B01IFN46BC
Murder in Montmartre (Aimee Leduc Investigations, No. 6) -
Murder in Montmartre (Aimee Leduc Investigations, No. 6)

Parisian P.I. Aimée Leduc strives to clear the name of a childhood friend, now a policewoman, who's charged with shooting her partnerAimée Leduc is having a bad day. First, she comes home from work at her Paris detective agency to learn that her boyfriend is leaving her. She goes out for a drink with her friend Laure, a police officer, but Laure’s patrol partner, Jacques, interrupts, saying he needs to talk to Laure urgently. The two leave the bar, and when they don’t return, Aimée follows Laure’s path and finds her sprawled on a snowy rooftop, not far from Jacques, who is bleeding from a fatal gunshot wound.When the police arrive, they arrest Laure for murder. No one is interested in helping Aimée figure out the truth. As she chases down increasingly dangerous leads in the effort to free her friend, Aimée stumbles into a web of Corsican nationalists, separatists, gangsters, and artists. Could Jacques’s murder and Laure’s arrest be part of a much bigger cover-up?

  • Brand: Black, Cara
  • ASIN: 1569474451
  • Part No: 9781569474457
Ways to Die in Glasgow -
Ways to Die in Glasgow

A violent drunk with a broken heart, Mackie looks for love in all the wrong places. When two hit men catch him with his pants down, he barely makes it out alive. Worse still, his ex-gangster uncle, Rab, has vanished, leaving him an empty house and a dead dog. Reluctant PI Sam Ireland is hired by hotshot lawyers to track Rab but is getting nothing except blank stares and slammed doors. As she scours the dive bars, the dregs of Glasgow start to take notice.DI Andy Lambert is a cop in the middle of an endless shift. A body washes up, and the city seems to shiver in fear; looks like it’s up to Lambert to clean up after the lowlifes again.As a rampaging Mackie hunts his uncle, the scum of the city come out to play. And they play dirty. It seems that everyone has either a dark secret or a death wish. In Mackie’s case, it might just be both.

He Beats Me -
He Beats Me

When Ashley first met Keon, she thought she had met the love of her life. It wasn’t long after she cut herself off from all of her family and friends that Keon revealed his true abusive nature. Ashley quickly went from being the target of his affection to the target of his strikes and stomps. It’s not until Keon’s big move into the drug game goes tragically awry that he realizes the usefulness for Ashley again. The problem is, if he can’t get his plan to work, they all could end up dead.

  • ASIN: B074692LLN
Keep (Romanian Mob Chronicles Book 1) -
Keep (Romanian Mob Chronicles Book 1)

I’d fight for it, kill for it, die for it.Familie. My clan. It’s all that matters to me.Until her…The tight clothes and thick makeup she’s forced to wear can’t hide the innocence in her eyes.Or the torment.Her luscious curves and gentle, wounded spirit call to me. So I’ve decided to keep her.No matter how deadly the consequences.

Onyx Mafia: Insatiable (Lia and Meghan): Book 1 -
Onyx Mafia: Insatiable (Lia and Meghan): Book 1

Onyx Mafia: Insatiable (Book 1)Episode 1 through 7~~~~~~~~~~For the first time, all seven episodes of the popular Onyx Mafia Insatiable series in one steamy book!Lia Onyx knows what you want. Powerful, smart and sexy as sin, Lia doesn’t mind using her predatory instincts to know exactly what you need, what you thirst for - and quench that thirst until satisfaction swells and ripples in shivering waves across your skin. Until you’re drowning, gasping for more… Yes, she’s that good.~~~~~~~But now, predator has become prey.At first, when the gorgeous, rookie undercover agent entered her office, Lia thought her a cute, but naive distraction. It wouldn’t be the first time the FBI sent a hot agent to distract her, desperately trying to get Lia to reveal information about her criminal organization. Unexpectedly, the real Meghan Wallace started to intrigue her – there was something about Meghan that called to her, made Lia want to lower her perfectly constructed defenses. Something about Meghan Wallace made Lia want to protect her - from the FBI who was using the unknowing Meghan as bait… and from herself.Now, Lia has a choice to make: Play along, or play dirty.This is the steamy first book of the Onyx Mafia series and is intended for mature audiences.Relax, you are absolu...

  • ASIN: B00NI05TCS
A Gangster's Revenge II: Family Over Everything -
A Gangster's Revenge II: Family Over Everything

In the aftermath of losing DEVAUGHN, those who built their worlds around him must now figure out who they truly are without him. With KEYZ’ betrayal fresh on everyone’s mind, Devauhn’s wife, RAMONA, his mistress, CANDY, and his daughter, DESHANA, are hungry for the feast of revenge.In the streets, bullets are currency and they can buy anybody. So with both sides having unlimited resources, who will win this war? Everybody’s motivation is in some way tied to Devaughn but it is hard for them to see the bigger picture when they’re a part of the portrait.The Mitchell family still have enemies and it’s not just themselves. Now it’s time for everybody to find out how deadly revenge can get.

  • ASIN: B017BVR2YC

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