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The Ever After -

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Never Been Kissed / Ever After / Fever Pitch / Whip It Quad Feature -

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Ever After - A Cinderella Story -
Ever After - A Cinderella Story

This enchanting contemporary retelling of the classic fairy tale stars Barrymore as a savvy, modern young woman of the 16th Century whose strength and courage work magic on the lives of all those around her including the crown prince of France.

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Cinderella -

Ever After: A Cinderella Story -
Ever After: A Cinderella Story

This updated adaptation of the classic fairytale tells the story of Danielle (Drew Barrymore), a vibrant young woman who is forced into servitude after the death of her father. Danielle's stepmother Rodmilla (Anjelica Huston) is a heartless woman who forces Danielle to do the cooking and cleaning, while she tries to marry off her own two daughters. But Danielle's life takes a wonderful turn when she meets the charming Prince Henry (Dougray Scott).

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Cinderella -

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All the Ever Afters: The Untold Story of Cinderella's Stepmother -
All the Ever Afters: The Untold Story of Cinderella's Stepmother

In the vein of Wicked, The Woodcutter, and Boy, Snow, Bird, a luminous reimagining of a classic tale, told from the perspective of Agnes, Cinderella’s "evil" stepmother.We all know the story of Cinderella. Or do we?As rumors about the cruel upbringing of beautiful newlywed Princess Cinderella roil the kingdom, her stepmother, Agnes, who knows all too well about hardship, privately records the true story. . . .A peasant born into serfdom, Agnes is separated from her family and forced into servitude as a laundress’s apprentice when she is only ten years old. Using her wits and ingenuity, she escapes her tyrannical matron and makes her way toward a hopeful future. When teenaged Agnes is seduced by an older man and becomes pregnant, she is transformed by love for her child. Once again left penniless, Agnes has no choice but to return to servitude at the manor she thought she had left behind. Her new position is nursemaid to Ella, an otherworldly infant. She struggles to love the child who in time becomes her stepdaughter and, eventually, the celebrated princess who embodies everyone’s unattainable fantasies. The story of their relationship reveals that nothing is what it seems, that beauty is not always desirable, and that love can take on many guises.Lyrically told, emotionall...

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Ever After (DVD) - Cinderella Ever After

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Valentine Ever After (DVD) - Cinderella Ever After

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After Ever Happy - Cinderella Ever After

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Ever After (1/5) Movie CLIP - Contradictions (1998) HD

The Royal Wedding – Ever After: A Cinderella Story (1998)