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When the Nines Roll Over: And Other Stories -
When the Nines Roll Over: And Other Stories

In When the Nines Roll Over, David Benioff (The 25th Hour, City of Thieves) uses humor and rich characterizations to explore the sometimes thrilling, sometimes pathetic emotional lives of a diverse set of characters.  Over the course of eight stories, we are introduced to a host of young people on the cusp of discovery and loss.  As he evokes the various states of agony and pleasure—humiliation, rebellion, camaraderie, and desire—Benioff displays a profound understanding of the transformative power of a single moment and how sadness can be illuminated by a humorous flip side. When the Nines Roll Over confirms the promise of a gifted writer emerging as a storytelling force.

  • ASIN: B0030CHETU

Club penguin Halloween costume ideas

Club Penguin Island Halloween Costume Ideas 2018