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The Man in the Old House (Halloween With The Kreme 2014 Book 2) -
The Man in the Old House (Halloween With The Kreme 2014 Book 2)

Thanks to a mysteriously creepy man in an old house, two teens are about to have a most entertaining Halloween night, getting treats that are sure to leave them stuffed and happy.  It all begins at Natalie's house, where she is hanging out with her best friend Jennifer, a constant snacker who is easy to startle while watching scary movies. While it's fun to scare Jennifer, a busty blonde who sometimes lives up to the reputation, the night is getting dull. That's when Natalie's younger brother comes in with his candy loot for the night, having collected from dozens of homes in the neighborhood. While checking his candy, Natalie discovers a roll of quarters and this leads to the surprising announcement that the man in the old house is actually giving out rolls of quarters instead of candy to trick or treaters. Natalie, talented at using her looks to get anything she wants, can't resist dragging Jennifer to the man's house, assuring her that at the very least they'll get some extra money for the mall. Once at the house, they discover just how odd this man is and are told that much like throwing a coin in a fountain, his giving out quarter rolls allows him one wish which he uses based on the ones he gives the coins to. He has very special wishes for each of them, and so they each ge...

  • ASIN: B00A88K7U2
Jackie's Lantern: A Bimbo Halloween -
Jackie's Lantern: A Bimbo Halloween

Ben has been lonely and depressed since he broke up with his crazy witch of a girlfriend. He carves a Jack o'lantern for Halloween, but needs a candle. Well, the witch did leave some of her stuff behind, but little does Ben know, they're not just normal candles...

  • ASIN: B01M5IQ4HC
Casting Off Costumes (Halloween with the Kreme 2017 Book 1) -
Casting Off Costumes (Halloween with the Kreme 2017 Book 1)

Ronny and Kate are born thespians, which Ronny was quite glad to hear didn't mean Kate frolicked with her girlfriends exclusively. It means they are as dedicated to each other as they are to acting... but this October brings the role they know will start them on the path to success.At the Central Stage Theater in their small town, a unique production of Beauty and the Beast portrayed from the perspective of beast is to be cast tomorrow, and tonight Ronny and Kate are going to sneak into the wardrobe room backstage and master their lines, assuring them that they will be cast as leads in the production.No one could say they aren't talented actors, but as Kate points out, none of the others trying out will have done so in the actual costumes, which always present unique challenges. So sneaking in with a little B and E for the good of all theater is nothing worth fretting over. What Kate could never suspect is that the costumes specially provided for this small town ambitious stage performance are being generously donated by none other than Donnie the Demon himself, who is set to arrive the next morning for a look at the costumes sent over.As with anything from his shop, these are special costumes, more than mere fabric and fur, destined to transform any wearer in ways they never cou...

  • ASIN: B076493B2W
Swapped On Halloween -
Swapped On Halloween

Taboo Spooky Gender Bending Sex Swap Forbidden EroticaI stood up, steadying myself against the sink, smoothing my tight, silk dress over my curvaceous body.Dong… dong… dong…The clock struck midnight. I looked down into the plughole, feeling as though if I wasn’t careful, I was about to get sucked down into it by some kind of bizarre Halloween black magic...----A spooky tale of Gender Swap Halloween magic! Tom's best friend Chad is a bit of a meat-head. All the same, Tom wants Chad to accompany him to a Halloween party, hosted by the sexy Stacey, in the hope that Tom might finally get Stacey to notice him.But when midnight strikes, something strange and seriously spooky happens to Tom's body, causing him to get to know both Stacey AND Chad better than he has ever done before.Turns out Tom's Halloween TRICK is something of a TREAT for both him and his best friend...This 5,000 word short story contains scenes of intense feminization, masturbation, FF and MF sex, and other explicit content.

  • ASIN: B07J4MM39C
Costume Chaos: Busting the Bride (HallowKreme 2018 Book 3) -
Costume Chaos: Busting the Bride (HallowKreme 2018 Book 3)

It's never too late for the perfect costume and college age Melina spent a whole year perfecting her mind controller costume Of course naturally in perfecting the costume, she needed a backstory for why she wanted to dress on Halloween as a mind controller.Her backstory is just part of the costume though, as there's also the somewhat advanced geek tech she incorporated into the costume that allows her with a flick of the wrist to put anyone into a trance, opening their mind, and truly showing that a good costume is a lot more than a mere disguise. But where Melina is a perfectionist with her costume, heading out door to door ready for candy, she's also a bit of a harsh critic when it comes to other costumes and seasonal decor. Meeting a young woman not much older than herself at the first house she visits, Melina is quickly annoyed by the attitude she gets, but puts on a smile and offers her thoughts on the general living dead decor in the yard, noticing the corpse bride costume the young woman wears.When this young woman, Christina, mentions her boyfriend Zach was the one behind having to get dressed up, personally hating the whole holiday, Melina offers to help out... with words of advice about her costume. However a flick of the wrist has Christina in a trance and Melina givin...

  • ASIN: B07J415PTB
The Halloween Party Bimbo: The Sissification of Jessie Brown part 3 -
The Halloween Party Bimbo: The Sissification of Jessie Brown part 3

Lisa can hardly wait for Halloween to finally come. She is so turned on by dressing her feminine boyfriend up as a pretty girl that it feels like more like Christmas. But when it finally comes, even Lisa is surprised by just what a sexy and irresistible bimbo Jessie really turns out to be.

  • ASIN: B01N9XD74H
Party Time: First Time Feminization -
Party Time: First Time Feminization

This Halloween Brian becomes Brianna ... When Brian's cute friend Ashley suggests that they pick each other's Halloween costumes, he's excited. But his excitement turns to shock, when he sets eyes on what she's picked out for him. Because Ashley has chosen a sexy, slutty dress for him to wear. Soon shy geeky Brian finds himself transformed into Brianna - a girl who turns out to be the star of the party. And it's not long before the action heats up, and Brianna discovers brand new feminine urges that she just needs to satisfy at any cost ....

Getting Spun (Halloween With The Kreme 2014 Book 1) -
Getting Spun (Halloween With The Kreme 2014 Book 1)

It's Halloween and four friends have gathered together for a nice night in, one where the three girls don't need to concern themselves with leering creepy guys who are only wanting to get inside their costumes.

Sure, every costume for girls over eighteen are basically slutty, but thankfully the one guy in their group is a nice guy, never one to do more than look. The night is fun, and the costumes are fitting, however the night still isn't close to being over and they need some fun way of passing the time.

Perhaps a game, but then what game to play? It begins as a simple friendly version of Spin the Bottle, where instead of kissing the players challenge each other to act out some characteristic or quality of their chosen costume. However it very quickly takes a rather perverse turn and the players end up doing much more than kissing, helpless to resist the inspired challenges the bottle seems to bring out in them.

This bottle is something special, a unique intelligence inside it and that intelligence is feeding off the twisted challenges that corrupt and take these four friends in only the most bizarre directions, leaving them permanently changed. In this game, it isn't the bottle that gets spun, it's the players.

Getting Spun by Kris P. Kreme is only one part...

  • ASIN: B00A72A6RI

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