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Raven: A Pop-up Book -
Raven: A Pop-up Book

Edgar Allan Poe’s “The Raven” is one of the most widely recognized poems in the English language. When it first appeared in the New York Evening Mirror in 1845, the poem made Poe an overnight sensation. Master paper engineer David Pelham amazes us once again with his pop-up design interpreting this haunting love story.

  • Brand: ABRAMS
  • ASIN: 1419721976
  • Part No: 44534407
MICHLEY Full Face Party Mask White Cosplay Masks in Dance Party (12pcs Boys/Female+12pcs Girls) -
MICHLEY Full Face Party Mask White Cosplay Masks in Dance Party (12pcs Boys/Female+12pcs Girls)

Size: Boys 6*9", Girls 6*7" | Color: White | Product Packaging: Standard Packaging Product Description 12pcs boys/female &12pcs girls plastic White Face Masks. With its enigmatic façade, this snowy covering can be fashioned or decorated to fit any costumed occasion. The Adult Female White Mask covers the entire face, and can be left as it is, or can be painted and covered in glitter. For a dazzling party mask, paint this mask in silver and gold, and glue decorative feathers around the feminine, almond-shaped eyes. This matte mask has been primed and is ready for painting. This blank white mask is perfect for completing a scary Halloween costume or for your very own themed party! The mask is molded like a man's face and has slits for the eyes, nostrils and mouth. An elastic strap on the back holds the mask in place. Male measures 6" x 9" and female measures 6"*7". Would make a great theme, Halloween and/or dance party. Perfect for creating mime performances! Includes elastic securer. Fits children and adults. From the Manufacturer MICHLEYTOYS is a larger producers of toys made from environmental materials. All of the products meet, and more often, exceed the strictest international standards for quality and safety. But behind the innovative designs and meticulous quality lies t...

  • Color: White
  • Brand: MICHLEY
  • ASIN: B01DB7G54S
  • Part No: 1ZJ0001-male&female-w
Gates of Delirium -
Gates of Delirium

They have taken you deep into the crypts of a forbidden castle and to the edge of the sea among the ruins of a cursed village . . . Now the masters of gothic/horror soundscape invite you to take a musical journey into the macabre world of Haverghast Asylum. Your horse and carriage awaits you . . .

  • Color: Multi-colored
  • Brand: Halloween FX
  • ASIN: B00005B503
  • UPC: 721772924423
  • Part No: RV-MS1004
Coraline Graphic Novel -
Coraline Graphic Novel

Neil Gaiman's enchanting, nationally bestselling children's book Coraline is brought to new life by acclaimed artist P. Craig Russell in this gorgeously illustrated graphic novel adaptation.When Coraline steps through a door to find another house strangely similar to her own (only better), things seem marvelous.But there's another mother there, and another father, and they want her to stay and be their little girl. They want to change her and never let her go.Coraline will have to fight with all her wit and courage if she is to save herself and return to her ordinary life. 

  • Brand: Unknown
  • ASIN: B01767Z16M
Bleeding Shadows -
Bleeding Shadows

Bleeding Shadows is Joe R. Lansdale's largest, most varied collection to date. Weighing in at 488 pages and 150,000 words, these stories, poems, and novellas--supplemented by the author's introduction and by an invaluable set of story notes--move effortlessly from horror, adventure, and suspense to literary pastiche. It is, by any measure, a major addition to an already impressive body of work.The volume opens with 'Torn Away,' in which a small town sheriff encounters a man on the run from his own predatory shadow. The stories that follow come from all points of the narrative compass. In 'Morning, Noon, and Night,' a young boy stumbles across a monstrous, multi-faceted killer from which there is no escape. 'The Bleeding Shadow' is a tale of music, monsters, and deals-with-the devil set in post-WWII Texas. In 'Star Light, Eyes Bright,' an ordinary husband makes a startling discovery, one that leads to an unimaginable act of personal transformation. Elsewhere, the author offers us twisted Christmas stories ('Santa at the Cafe'), tales of a zombie apocalypse ('A Visit with Friends'), and one story--'Christmas with the Dead'--that encompasses both of these elements. Other highlights include a pair of informed, affectionate acts of literary homage. 'Metal Men of Mars' pays tribute to ...

  • ASIN: B00H12XGCY
Otto the Grouchy Owl (Children Bedtime story picture book for Kids) -
Otto the Grouchy Owl (Children Bedtime story picture book for Kids)

This is a story about an owl named Otto, who learns a great lesson from his friends, about how spreading a little "sunshine" is more fun than always being grouchy.A Beautifully Illustrated Children's Picture eBook with really cool pictures of barnyard animals.Another quality children picture book from the father and daughter team of Michael and Rachel Yu.

Gore Girls: Twisted Tales & Poems (Young Adult Horror Book 4) -
Gore Girls: Twisted Tales & Poems (Young Adult Horror Book 4)

THE ULTIMATE BLOODBATH OF YOUNG ADULT HORROR!Beware! These pages are packed with zombies, demons, witches, and worse!Get ready for the most disgusting, insane tales ever...MY OWN DECISIONS: During the zombie apocalypse, two sisters are trapped in an attic with the boy of their dreams. What could possibly go wrong?A BAD PERSON: When "Fatty Patty" kills herself, something horrible begins to happen to the girls who bullied her.I MELT WITH YOU: Four teens find a fallen meteorite in the woods... and the oozing alien menace inside!THE GIFT OF FLESH: When the most popular senior confesses his love to outcast goth-girl Heather, she never suspects the shocking truth.DEATH MASK: Little sisters can be such pests--especially when they summon demons!TO LOVE AND OBEY: Never accept an invitation to an Egyptian feast...UGLY IS THE NEW HOT: When the bombs drop and you're the only girl left, can you still find love?Plus morbid poems for damaged minds like this...EVIL SPIRITSThere are evil spirits that lurkin far and distant cornerswaiting to be invitedby the bored and broken,by the desperate and angry,by those too curiousfor their own good.These spirits do not live,yet they exist!Their sole purpose to destroythe weak and strong alike.They are waitingfor your invitation,that one welcoming word:"Yes...

  • ASIN: B00U14UHT4
Amphigorey: Fifteen Books -

  • Brand: Perigee Books
  • ASIN: 0399504338
  • Part No: YES577943

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