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His Halloween in Her Dress: A Halloween Crossdressing Story -
His Halloween in Her Dress: A Halloween Crossdressing Story

When Steve tried to cheer up his housemate Rachael on Halloween, he didn't expect to be wearing the dress and stockings she'd borrowed for a Halloween party.Soon, Steve is 'Stephanie', and helping chaperone Rachael's younger brother and sister in a dress that leaves very little to the imagination, much to the pleasure of all the dads and teenaged boys on their trick or treating route!Once away from her family, Steve is flung in to a party he didn't expect, as a girl. All the strangers seem to think he's a natural woman, but someone he knows doesn't appreciate his get up and decides to out him to the men he's dancing with.As the night draws on, Steve finds himself comforted by his friend Justin, who far from being put off by his pretty outfit, thinks he makes a very sexy woman indeed. As Steve realises how feminine he's become over the evening, will he submit to his girlish side, or run back to the girl he loves?His Halloween in Her Dress is a short story of 11,000 words, full of cross dressing, experimentation, and unexpected sex. It is suitable for adults only.

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Halloween Panties: A Femdom Crossdressing Story (Panty Lovers Book 4) -
Halloween Panties: A Femdom Crossdressing Story (Panty Lovers Book 4)

Kate has plans for her boyfriend Mark now she has him craving panties. It's time for a more public outing and Halloween is the perfect opportunity for him to wear, not just panties but a whole outfit.How will Mark react to being exposed to the world dressed like a sexy woman, and how will his colleagues react to him?The story features: men in panties, cross dressing, erotic humiliation, teasing and female dominance.

Futanari Halloween: Three Sexy, Spooky Fetish Stories. -
Futanari Halloween: Three Sexy, Spooky Fetish Stories.

Three throbbing tales of Sapphic delight!In HARD FANGS, a lesbian vampire has a sexy encounter with a young woman at a bar. Things take a turn when the vampire reveals the true LENGTHS of her powers!In SAPPHIC SPIRITS, a woman is stranded at a spooky bed and breakfast for Halloween. Things are looking up when she meets a beautiful girl and the two share a blissful evening together -- until it turns out the girl has been dead for ten years. The fun continues when more ghosts show up, showing off their spectral powers to conjure not only lingerie but "extra" body parts to enhance everyone's pleasure!In A STIFF SURPRISE, a wife offers her crossdressing husband a "girls' night" on the town for Halloween and he jumps at the chance. But his wife has plans her husband could never dream of, involving Luciana Blackwood, San Francisco's futanari Satanic High Priestess. After a wild all-"girl" threesome, the husband wakes up to one surprise after another the following morning, beginning with a strangely feminine face in the mirror!Elizabeth Ravenswood writes lesbian erotica with a gender-bending twist, including "mind-blowing" sex scenes. FUTANARI HALLOWEEN is a stand-alone anthology set in the PANTYHOSE FUTANARI FANTASIES universe.

Halloween Shorts: Four All New Frightening First Time Feminization Sexy Stand Alone Stories -
Halloween Shorts: Four All New Frightening First Time Feminization Sexy Stand Alone Stories

Over 20,000 words of actual story! Halloween is a magical time of year. People dress up and adopt temporary new identities. I’m no different. I usually eschew fantastical devices—technological or otherwise—but this Halloween I’m going to indulge my imagination any way I want and invite you along for the ride. Some Exciting Excerpts1. Halloween Shorts—Tricked by My Twin and Forced to Take Her Place as a Sexy “Breastaurant” Waitress-A sister talks her twin brother into dressing up for Halloween in her sexy “breastaurant” uniform for a costume party. He goes along, hoping to win over his sister’s super-hot best friend. The girls feminize him and make him work a shift as a slutty waitress. They record his transformation on video to entrap him....Jillian grabbed the thong and coaxed Alex to lift one foot then the other, letting her pull it up as far as it would go under his towel. Then, she had him do the same with the stretchy pink bikini swimsuit bottoms with what looked like thick padding. Before he could protest, Jillian reached into the sexy pink fabric and pushed his manhood back and up until it was undetectable. When he started to harden, the blonde smirked and whispered into his ear, “Luckily your thingy is so tiny, it’ll be very easy to hide.”2. Spec...

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Shemale Adventure: Halloween Party -
Shemale Adventure: Halloween Party

Dan's shemale adventures continue! It's Halloween and time to dress up for the big, spooky party. Dan doesn't know what to wear, until his shemale friend Tina offers to help him cross dress. Dan's never dressed as a woman before, but Tina makes sure he is convincing—very convincing! Another short, sexy story from S. Randy. For adults only.There's more by S. Randy for you, on Amazon:- Shemale Adventure: Milk Farm: Shemale Adventure: Milking: Shemale Adventure: Online: Shemale Adventure: New York: Shemale Adventure: Vegas Shemale Adventure: The Couple Shemale Adventure: NYE Party Shemale Adventure: San Fran Shemale Adventure: Mexico Shemale Adventure: Seduction Shy Guy No More! BIG Girl BIG Girl 2 Can My Friend Watch? My boyfriend WON'T do my ASS! Will YOU? http://www.ama...

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A Bride for Halloween -
A Bride for Halloween

Mike agrees to try on a bridesmaid gown "just for a minute" to help out his sister. When his sister's roommate finds him all dolled up, she decides that he'd make a perfect bride for her.Mike would do anything to spend time with the lovely Jenny. Does that include prancing around in a wedding gown? Most of the time, this would be weird ... but it's for a Halloween party, so this is a perfectly normal thing, right?Follow Mike's adventures as Jenny feminizes him into a beautiful blushing bride. This is a sweet, romantic, and sometimes silly tale of a young man caught up in a trap of silk and satin.This story was originally published on FictionMania under the title Sororal Twins.Update: The initial version had some typos, due to an older version of the text being used as the source. Please sync your Kindle to download the corrected version. Length: 15,000 words.

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A Living Doll - (Dollification Novella) (Pearls Universe Book 24) -
A Living Doll - (Dollification Novella) (Pearls Universe Book 24)

Halloween is right around the corner and Barry has won the costume contest two years in a row. This year, Barry decides to up his game just a bit and dress up as a blonde bimbo. There is one problem; Barry is not the most extroverted guy in the world. In fact, Barry is quite lithe and introverted.Barry reads about a new costume company that will take your measurements via webcam sending you a custom made doll costume according to your measurements.When the costume arrives Barry undergoes a bit of a transformation. When wearing the doll costume he transforms into Becky, a bubbly bimbo.Things are a bit much for Barry who has to come to grip with his newfound sexuality. Is Becky just a costume or was Becky hiding inside of Barry the entire time?Who is this new personality? In terms of sexuality, how does Becky satisfy those urges? A story about unlocking the person inside of us all.

Little Red Riding Femboy (Gay crossdressing halloween erotica) -
Little Red Riding Femboy (Gay crossdressing halloween erotica)

Alan Martin, 18 years old, and son of the very wealthy local Martin family, is throwing his final extravagant Halloween party, which he comes dressed to as something that suits him rather well: The voracious carnivore, the Big Bad Wolf. Little does anyone know, however, that the real reason he's throwing this party is so as to find the femmiest, sissiest, and sexiest girlyboys around town, indulging in his secret kink. When he comes across a Little Red Riding Hood at his Halloween party, though, all constraints on his lust are off! A delightfully seductive piece of gay erotica, featuring crossdressing, costumes, dirty talk, and raw, animalistic lust!A sample:“Does Little Red Riding Hood need to be taught a lesson?” Alan asked, rather rhetorically, a gravelly growl coming through in his tone, reverberating and vibrating out from his throat.The teasing seductiveness disappeared out from Red's own voice, replaced by something soft, even a little shy. But submissive. “Yes,” he answered, simply, with that delightfully femmy voice of his which made Alan want to sink all the more into the role of the Big Bad Wolf.“Does she need to be – want to be – taught what happens when they go around teasing wolves with their sexy, slutty little body? Their smooth legs and lips, their ...

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