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All's Well: Where Thou Art Earth and Why -
All's Well: Where Thou Art Earth and Why

A freewheeling rollick through the history and future of our species, All s Well. Where Thou Art Earth and Why blends philosophy, metaphysics and ethics into an original and lyrical meditation on refining our place in the universe.150 generations out of the caves, we think we know our place in the vastness of the cosmos. Only 100 years ago we hardly knew that our Sun is just another star. Today, we still believe we re the most intelligent beings to exist. Yet simple arithmetic suggests there are at least 10 trillion thoughtful species elsewhere. We re not alone in the universe, just lonely: when we sufficiently mature, others may be in touch.All s Well suggests that this maturation will be deeply rooted in our acknowledgement that­­­ at our core we are vessels of consciousness, astonishment and love. With this positive summary of the human condition, Lefebvre argues that the United States foundational ideals form the correct basis for a set of Universal Rights and Responsibilities, excepting that they never were, and still are not yet, universal.Moreover, says Lefebvre, when those with privilege accept accessible freedoms while being careless with those who have not been so fortunate, they have not earned such freedom but are merely taking liberties. Even these liberties come ...

  • ASIN: 0995904235
Fountain Pens Past & Present: Identification and Value Guide, 2nd Edition -
Fountain Pens Past & Present: Identification and Value Guide, 2nd Edition

This deluxe second edition has been expanded and reformatted to be almost one third larger than the first edition, a book that is already regarded as one of the most authoritative and entertaining books on the subject of pen collecting. Outlining eight major manufacturers and their classic model pens, the book is colorfully illustrated with photos and advertisements. You will find current collector values; new photographs including hundreds of additional vintage and contemporary writing instruments; new tips on buying, selling, and trading; and a new 'Collectibility Status Chart' identifying over 100 brands and models of fountain pens and their relative values. In addition, there are new sections on individual artisans and their unique creations and a revised section on contemporary manufacturers, double the size of the first edition. Discussions are included on building your collections, storage and display, refurbishing and repair, paper and inks, and valuing your pens. 2004 values.

  • ASIN: 1574323857

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