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Ep 1 - Photo Op -

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A Happy Doodle Holiday -

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O Solo Moe -

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The Name Game -

Doodlebops: Get Up & Groove With the Doodlebops (Full Frame) -
Doodlebops: Get Up & Groove With the Doodlebops (Full Frame)

Time to get up and move! When the Doodlebops are on the scene, there's no sitting still. Deedee, Rooney, and Moe have got the steps to get you moving and the music to keep you grooving all day long in these four funtastic episodes. And amidst the fun there's always a positive message kids can put into action. Don't miss this incredible chance to get up and groove with the Doodlebops! FAST & SLOW MOE: When Rooney's slow motion machine zaps Moe, the Doodlebops need to find a way to fast-forward him to his normal speed. STEP BY STEP: Deedee's in a big hurry to learn the latest dance steps, but sometimes too fast loses the race. Rooney and Moe help her find the right speed for learning the groove! FLAT-SITISs: When Rooney stops exercising, he get a bad case of flat-sitis. Learn how important exercise is when Rooney's lack of healthy movement turns him into a cardboard cutout. THE BAD DAY: Some days everything just turns out bad, even for super stars like the Doodlebops. Learn their secret for making everything OK.

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On the Move -

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Doodlebops Holiday - Doodle Bops

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Doodle-bops Stickers 4 Sheets. So Cute.  - Doodle Bops

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Doodlebops - Get On the Bus! (DVD, 2007) New - Doodle Bops

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The Doodlebops: Tap Tap Tap (Full Episode)

The Doodlebops: Very Scary (Full Episode)