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Cookie Indulgence: 150 Easy Cookie Recipes -
Cookie Indulgence: 150 Easy Cookie Recipes

Nothing smells better than the aroma of freshly baked cookies, warm from the oven and just waiting to accompany a glass of cold milk or a cup of steaming cocoa. With Cookie Indulgence: 150 Easy Cookie Recipes, you'll never run short on inspiration for quick and delicious cookies, bars and frostings to welcome friends and family home or to give as tasty gifts.Browse through the pages of Cookie Indulgence to easily find just the right amazing treat. With 150 favorites from Chocolate or Oatmeal cookies to No-bake, Refrigerator and Christmas cookies, you are sure to find recipes that will delight your family.Looking for something unique? Check out the Unusually Odd cookie section for recipes with ingredients you won't find on the average baking supply shelf.So, sit back and relax with a good cookie while you scan the recipes and tips. Your next cookie baking session is sure to please everyone with goodies for gift giving, church bake sales or snacks for your family. Buy Cookie Indulgence today and see for yourself how quick and easy it is to make delicious cookie recipes!

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Marijuana Pot Leaf Brownie Cookie Cutter Mold Party Novelty Joint Bud Smoke Gift - 3 Piece Set - Stainless Steel -
Marijuana Pot Leaf Brownie Cookie Cutter Mold Party Novelty Joint Bud Smoke Gift - 3 Piece Set - Stainless Steel

Our Products Looking for Premium Stainless Steel cookie cutters that will last a lifetime? Then you have come to the right place! Don?t waste your time with flimsy cheap tin plated steel cookie cutters that rust and need replaced every year. Our metal cookie cutters are made from high quality food grade stainless steel with top quality construction. The best feature is you don?t have to worry about corrosion over time. In addition, these sturdy cookie cutters have a variety of other uses besides cutting sweet pastries for the oven. They work great on fruit, sandwiches, cheese, pancakes, crafts, clay and the list goes on and on. The kids also love them because they come in a variety of cool shapes and are used to create yummy treats! About Us The Sweet Cookie Crumbs brand started out as a small fun family business based in Missouri. Our kids love cookies and we enjoy making them. There's nothing better than the aroma of fresh baked cookies on a Saturday afternoon. The kids especially enjoyed the various shapes and sizes available. As we continued to accumulate more exciting shapes, our business grew. Soon we were manufacturing our own custom shapes. The news spread and now we now ship cookie cutters all around the world. We provide the best quality cutters at a competitive price...

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Waring Pro WMK200 Belgian Waffle Maker, Stainless Steel/Black [DISCONTINUED] -
Waring Pro WMK200 Belgian Waffle Maker, Stainless Steel/Black [DISCONTINUED]

Easy-to-handle rotary feature for even baking Make delicious restaurant-style waffles at home Waring Pro WMK200 Belgian Waffle Maker Bake a delicious, extra-deep 1-inch restaurant style waffle with the Waring Pro WMK200 Belgian Waffle Maker. The easy-to-handle rotary feature provides even baking on top and bottom and the rotary browning control knob adjusts to 6 settings for custom cooking. Clean up is easy with the nonstick coated waffle grids that easily release the waffle. Features Deep 1-inch Belgian Waffle Grids: for restaurant-style waffles in your own home Lid Handle: used to rotate waffle grids 180 degrees F Browning Control Dial: adjustable from temperature settings 1–6 for different batters and personal preference Indicator Lights: Power light illuminates when the waffle maker is plugged in and the Ready lights illuminate when the waffle grids are preheated and when the baking cycle is complete Measuring Cup: fill to the top with batter for perfectly measured waffles Drip Tray: catches any excess batter and is removable for easy cleaning Tips for Making Perfect Belgian Waffles Batter Suggestions Packaged Belgian waffle mixes found in most supermarkets may be used with this unit. For best results, we recommend filling the supplied measuring c...

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Jamie Oliver's Meals in Minutes: A Revolutionary Approach to Cooking Good Food Fast -
Jamie Oliver's Meals in Minutes: A Revolutionary Approach to Cooking Good Food Fast

I'm going to show you how to put a whole meal on the table in a matter of minutes! Not just one dish, a whole spread of beautiful things. If, like me, you love food and have hungry mouths to feed when you get home after a long day, then allow me to let you in on a totally revolutionary new way of cooking. In this book I'm going to show you how to make a complete meal in the time you'd normally spend on one dish. What you'll be able to achieve in 30 minutes or less will absolutely blow your mind. It's certainly blown mine! This is not about compromising on quality. It's about being organized, working fast, and using shortcuts and clever tricks to put insanely delicious plates of food on the table in no time. Each of the 50 meals inside has been carefully written so there's no messing about-just good, fast cooking. I've created complete menus of foods that go beautifully together and planned recipes in a really unique, easy-to-follow way. This kind of cooking is all about using every minute wisely, having fun, and reclaiming your kitchen for the job it was meant for. You might think it can't be done, but I promise you it can. Have a look inside to see the sort of meals you're going to get. Once you start cooking this way, not only will you absolutely love it; you'll never look back...

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Sugar Cats (Twenty to Make) -
Sugar Cats (Twenty to Make)

Learn how to make 20 cute kitties using easy techniques and inexpensive materials. The techniques are explained with easy-to-follow instructions, and no previous experience of sugar crafting is needed. The materials used are widely available from major cake suppliers.These characterful cats include a Siamese, a Burman, a Ragdoll and lots of moggies including a ginger tom, a tabby and a tortoiseshell. There are also some very cute kittens to make. The author makes this very easy, with all the component parts pictured and very clear step-by-step instructions, plus an informative section at the beginning on tools and materials.

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Illustrated Step-by-Step Baking: Easy-to-Follow Recipes with More Than 1,500 Photographs (DK Illustrated Cook Books) -
Illustrated Step-by-Step Baking: Easy-to-Follow Recipes with More Than 1,500 Photographs (DK Illustrated Cook Books)

Packed with clear instructions and essential information on ingredients, special equipment, and storage, Illustrated Step-by-Step Baking contains everything you need to bake with confidence.Every area of baking is covered with 350 recipes covering a huge range of sweet and savory classics including quiches, pies, breads, and cookies. Classic recipes such as quiche lorraine and New York cheesecake are demystified and presented in a clear and accessible step-by-step format.If you want to produce the perfect tart, bake a cake fit for a king, or serve up a souffle that won't sink, Illustrated Step-by-Step Baking will guide you through every single stage with clear, illustrated, step-by-step instructions that have proved so popular with DK's readers.

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Peter's Caramel Loaf - 5 lb Loaf -
Peter's Caramel Loaf - 5 lb Loaf

This creamy, easy to work with caramel is perfect for all kinds of homemade caramel candy creations and is especially popular for making fresh caramel apples. Peter's Caramel melts easily at temperatures between 125 and 150 degrees(F) and we kinda expect that it will soon be high on your list of essential candy making supplies!

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Warmbuy 20 Cavity Silicone Pink Lolly Pop Party Cupcake Baking Mold Cake Pop Stick Mold Tray - Read the Warming Tips Before Starting Your Cake Pops Making -
Warmbuy 20 Cavity Silicone Pink Lolly Pop Party Cupcake Baking Mold Cake Pop Stick Mold Tray - Read the Warming Tips Before Starting Your Cake Pops Making

Warmbuy SILICONE CAKE POPS LOLLIPOPS MOLD INSTRUCTIONS 1. ★Use a good cooking spray and really spray them liberally, then check it to be sure that none were missed. This is the easiest way to get it done. Using sprays shortening or Crisco oil would take a lot of time. Just be patient and careful and you will not have any problem with them poping out. 2. ★Fill with batter to almost the top of the bottom indentations; less than that and your cake pop will have a flat top; more than that and your cake pops will ooze into each other. But Different batters will raise differently so that you should make one tray to figure out how much they needed to bake. 3. ★Baking time will depend on batter, you should also try one to figure out how long they needed to bake, but in terms of 12-21 minutes and then check one of the center molds to make sure. 4. ★Right after removing from the oven carefully remove the top mold. If you don't, your popcake balls will get mushy from steam.Be careful because of the hot steam 5. ★Set the bottom mold on a cooling rack and let it cool off for a few short 10-15 minutes.Wait too long and they'll stick to the mold. 6. ★After removing from mold let them cool off the rest of the way. Then in a single layer on a cookie sheet put in freezer till ver...

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