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Fireflies and Magnolias (Dare River Book 3) -
Fireflies and Magnolias (Dare River Book 3)

Millions of readers have fallen in love with Ava's bestselling books...come join the family. From International Bestselling Author Ava Miles comes an uplifting and inspiring romance about two unlikely people rediscovering their belief in the power of love. Amelia Ann Hollins might have been raised to be a sweet magnolia, but she’s found her inner fire—the quest for justice. The secrets she carries and a tragedy from her past prompt her to volunteer at a legal clinic in the worst part of town. Here she can serve and protect the one she couldn’t save. Here she will risk everything.Clayton Chandler’s happy life ended when his daddy died tragically when he was a boy. He lost his belief in magic and signs, but Amelia Ann is stirring the embers of passion and faith inside him again. He doesn’t plan on risking his heart. To make matters worse, he works for her rock star brother and knows better than to date the younger sister of his best friend.When Amelia Ann volunteers to help with her brother’s charity concert, Clayton has nowhere to run. Soon he can no longer deny his fiery passion for Amelia Ann, and as the danger of her calling and her secrets threaten their newfound love, they’ll learn fireflies are magical and magnolias can burn hotter than steel.PRAISE:"Ava's stor...

  • ASIN: B00TSMIZ58
Homeford Firefly Imports to Do List Chalkboard Wall Sticker, 11-Inch, Black -
Homeford Firefly Imports to Do List Chalkboard Wall Sticker, 11-Inch, Black

Chalkboard organizer wall stickers are perfect for the kitchen and various other rooms in the home, also great for office and classroom. This product is manufactured in China.

  • Color: Black
  • Brand: Homeford
  • ASIN: B01A05H7U0
  • UPC: 714038505870
  • Part No: FMC000CD984F
Firefly: The Complete Series [Blu-ray] -

  • Color: 1000
  • Brand: Firefly
  • ASIN: B001EN71CW
  • UPC: 024543533702
  • Part No: 24543533696
Firefly Pirates Bounty Hunters -
Firefly Pirates Bounty Hunters

Pirates & Bounty Hunters, the first Game Expansion for Firefly: The Game, introduces a heavy dose of player-versus-player interaction to the 'Verse. Raid rivals' ships with piracy jobs. Hunt down wanted fugitives and collect bounties. Ready your crew for showdowns with brand new supply cards! Explore the 'Verse with two new ships. Aggressive new leaders specialize in anti-social strategies while Lawmen reward those bringing justice to the 'Verse.

  • Brand: Gale Force 9
  • ASIN: 1940825016
  • UPC: 885893239962
  • Part No: GF9FIRE04
Firefly (Redemption Book 2) -
Firefly (Redemption Book 2)

The next captivating installment in New York Times bestselling author Molly McAdams’s Redemption series.As the Princess of the Irish-American Mob, there’s no shortage of men ready to help guard and protect me. To slowly suffocate me to the point of seeking freedom—a place where I can breathe.Kieran Hayes has been saving me for as long as I can remember. It’s in his blood, and one of the many reasons I fell in love with him. Until my favorite trait became his biggest flaw, making me resent the man I love. An unwavering warrior, his love for me has been shrouded by those instincts.Save Lily. Protect Lily. Hide Lily. Cage Lily.What I wasn’t prepared for was Dare—the man who would set my world on fire with just one touch. He saw straight through to my soul, as though he knew I was desperate for freedom, and silently demanded my heart from the beginning. And I didn’t expect Dare to be Demitri Borello—the reason for so many deaths in my family. A man who will take my life the moment he finds out who I am. Despite it all, I’ll love him until that moment comes.A fire will die if there is no oxygen for it to consume. Ours is rapidly stealing every last breath we can sacrifice to it.

  • ASIN: B073Z23C7X
Firefly Paraffin Lamp Oil - 1 Gallon - Odorless & Smokeless - Simply Pure - Ultra Clean Burning -
Firefly Paraffin Lamp Oil - 1 Gallon - Odorless & Smokeless - Simply Pure - Ultra Clean Burning

Firefly Simply Pure Paraffin Lamp Oil is odorless and smokeless as the name implies. We sell Firefly Simply Pure all over the world to finicky folks that want the highest performing lamp oil available and we have been able to keep the price reasonable because of the demand. This fuel can be used indoors our outdoors. We suggest using the fuel in oil candles, table-top tiki torches, oil lamps and lanterns. Try it plain or purchase with citronella or eucalyptus oil to keep the bugs at bay. I'd like to give you some tips so that you can get the maximum performance from Firefly Liquid Paraffin Lamp Oil. IMPORTANT: You can get even the purist fuel to smoke if you use it improperly. 1) Remove old residual fuel from the fuel reservoir before filling with Firefly Fuel. It doesn't need to dishwasher clean but you certainly don't want to mix fuels together. Mixing fuels will change their burning properties and may cause excessive smoke. 2) Use a clean wick. The wick is the delivery vehicle for the fuel. If the wick is contaminated with old fuel or water, it will not perform properly. 3) The wick should be as low as possible. This will reduce smoke, provide a more consistent flame and conserve fuel. Liquid Paraffin Lamp Oil will solidify at the freezing point of 32 degrees. It will turn t...

  • Color: Plain
  • Brand: Firefly
  • ASIN: B0096Q6ONQ
  • UPC: 859064003065
  • Part No: plo-128
List of Books by Kristin Hannah: Firefly Lane Series and list of all Kristin Hannah Books -
List of Books by Kristin Hannah: Firefly Lane Series and list of all Kristin Hannah Books

DescriptionReading order of:Firefly Lane SeriesAnd an exhaustive list of all by Kristin Hannah books! A complete list of every Kristin Hannah book published, to read and keep an easy track of, with links to the books on Amazon!Get your copy now and be updated on Kristin Hannah books!PLEASE NOTE: THIS IS A TITLE LIST ONLY, compiled for reference purposes to assist readers. No copyrighted material from the titles listed is included. This list is compliant with United States Copyright Office circular 34.

Unofficial Firefly Fan Episode List -

  • Brand: Mutensil
Sam and the Firefly (Hardcover) - Firefly List

    Model Number: RH0394800060
The Firefly Factastic Book of 1001 Lists: 1001 Lis - Firefly List

  • Category: Other Children & Young Adults

Owl City - Fireflies

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