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BladesUSA HK-079A Fantasy Medievel Battle Axe with Display Plaque, 21-Inch Length -
BladesUSA HK-079A Fantasy Medievel Battle Axe with Display Plaque, 21-Inch Length

Sure to garner a lot of attention when on display in your home, the BladesUSA Fantasy Medieval Battle Axe with Display Plaque (model HK-079A) has a dual headed axe is made in the fashion typically associated with a fantasy-themed battle axe -- though it is smaller in stature and made to hold effectively in one hand. The axe-head is double-bladed, with twin blades extending out of either side of the haft in a fairly typical crescent-blade design. The cap of the haft is set with a four-flanged topper, designed for extra weight and design. The haft is near equal parts stainless steel and black finish, with two bands of spike-studded steel as decoration, while the wire-wrapped grip provides all the leverage and security needed for holding the weapon. This two-bladed axe comes complete with a display plaque. The axe measures 21-inches overall.

  • Brand: BladesUSA
  • ASIN: B004Q63NHQ
  • UPC: 805319028611
  • Part No: HK-079A-MC
SZCO Supplies 3 Ball Battle Mace -
SZCO Supplies 3 Ball Battle Mace

This 3 Ball battle Mace is 18" in overall length. The handle is made of wood. The spike balls have a silver finish. Handle has cord wrapping. There is a chain at the bottom of handle.

  • Brand: SZCO Supplies
  • ASIN: B007XP22EM
  • UPC: 801608106114
  • Part No: 200611
SZCO Supplies Black Mace Ball Spike Spiked Mace -
SZCO Supplies Black Mace Ball Spike Spiked Mace

This black Mace ball spike by SZCO Supplies is 33.5 inches in overall length. The handle is black metal with black wrapping as well. The Spikes are silver finish metal.

  • Brand: SZCO Supplies
  • ASIN: B0735JNLYN
  • UPC: 801608611465
  • Part No: 901146-BK
BudK Medieval Spiked Flails -

  • Brand: Medieval Warrior Budk
  • ASIN: B000UVZO1E
  • UPC: 757183166787
  • Part No: CS609
CN926795 Spike Mace -
CN926795 Spike Mace

This gorgeous spike Mace has the finest details and highest quality you will find anywhere! spike Mace is truly remarkable. Product details: • condition: brand new • item SKU: ss-brk-cn926795 • information: 23 inch overall. Brown hardwood handle with grooved grip. Black metal Spikes.

  • Brand: Unknown
  • ASIN: B0090USBK2
  • UPC: 801608067958
  • Part No: CN926795
Denix MD6501 Mini 1 Ball Flail England 15th. C. Sword, Silver -
Denix MD6501 Mini 1 Ball Flail England 15th. C. Sword, Silver

Miniature reproduction of a flail from the XV C., made of metal. The flail, also called the whip of arms, was a weapon of the Middle Ages that has its origin in the flail, a traditional agricultural instrument used for threshing cereals. It was composed of a handle of wood or metal in which they engaged one, two or three chains with nailed balls. The flail was a widely used weapon against medieval armor and defensive shields. Usually, they were used with both hands because their handling was difficult and required training and some space to hit. The main advantage of the flail was that they could oscillate and therefore hit on or around the knights' shields. Its main disadvantage was the bad precision and the difficulty of using it in melee combat or in closely aligned battle formations. Relive the best medieval battles with this miniature of a DENIX flail!.

  • Color: Silver
  • Brand: Denix
  • ASIN: B074GQ9JSS
  • Part No: MD6501
Double Ball Flail -
Double Ball Flail

This ancient weapon was once used by foot soldiers as a deadly weapon. After the 16th Century, flails were used only as historical decoration. Each fine replica is hand crafted from top quality materials. The 1 lb spiked steel balls are supported by a studded chain attached to a 15 1/2" rivited hardwood handle.

  • Brand: Bud K
  • ASIN: B000UW1NFY
  • Part No: CS610
K EXCLUSIVE Medieval/Middle Ages-Style Double Mace - 17 1/4
K EXCLUSIVE Medieval/Middle Ages-Style Double Mace - 17 1/4" Walnut Staff - Dual 4" Spiked Stainless Steel Heads on Chains - Cord Wrapping

You haven't seen a mace like this before! The huge size and quality construction of this double mace will allow you to double down and go medieval on whatever crosses your path!

  • Brand: K EXCLUSIVE
  • ASIN: B0739HSXCS
  • UPC: 760729232662
  • Part No: BK2326
Medieval Weapon Flail Wine Bottle Holder - Flail Weapon

  • Category: Wine Racks & Bottle Holders
Nightmare Clown Flail Weapon - Flail Weapon

  • Category: Other Costume Accessories

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