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Do Not Press The Red Button -

  • Brand: KlikApp
  • ASIN: B00K58HZGO
  • Part No: com.klikapp.bigredbutton
Talkie Toys Products Shut Up! Button,Talking Button Features 12 Funny Shut Up Sayings -
Talkie Toys Products Shut Up! Button,Talking Button Features 12 Funny Shut Up Sayings

Silence a Conversation with the Push of a Button Shut up: A simple phrase with a powerful meaning. Whether it be to a boss, a coworker, a child, or a loved one, we've all had moments when we just want to yell, "Shut up!" It would be the perfect way to end dull or annoying conversations, but no matter how badly you want to say it, you know deep down you can't tell someone to shut up...until now! The Shut Up talking button tells those around you exactly what you wish you could say in twelve candid, wacky sayings. With "Would you shut up already?", "Could you do me a favor and shut up?", and a passionate "Shut Up!" scream among the lines, your true feelings won't be left to the imagination! The same people who created the "Blah!" and "Damn!" toy buttons bring this fun joke gift to you - and what a perfect addition to the family! The Shut Up Button is battery operated and was produced under strict regulations to ensure durability as well as quality sound effects. The bright orange color sets an amusing mood, and the flashing light signals the start of a great time. If someone objects to you using the button, simply tell them it's a practical joke, then tell them to "Shut up!" Why the Shut Up Button? This be quiet button acts as the perfect office prank. What looks like a simple pape...

  • Brand: Talkie Toys Products
  • UPC: 863755000080
  • Part No: M6SHT
Funny buttons The Official Nailed it Button Toy |Large & Loud |Portable Hype Man -
Funny buttons The Official Nailed it Button Toy |Large & Loud |Portable Hype Man

The button to end all buttons. A toy Suitable for adults and kids of all ages. A cool gift for your boss, a stocking stuffer, or just a good ole office prank. The Nailed it button is a talking gadget that sits on your desk waiting to reaffirm your awesomeness. with one swift push of the button this talking buzzer will play one of 10 funny "nailed it phrases" Weather you are at work, in a classroom or at a party. This device will be sure to get a laugh.

  • Brand: Funny buttons
  • ASIN: B07NJ95QG7
  • UPC: 804085231799
  • Part No: N001
Blah Button, Talking Button Features 12 Funny Blah Sayings -
Blah Button, Talking Button Features 12 Funny Blah Sayings

The Blah Button is the hilarious gag gift that recites 12 different vocal variations of the phrase "Blah, Blah, Blah!" This fun toy is perfect for use when the need arises to put non-stop talkers, "know it alls" and pathological liars in their place. Whether buying for yourself, a co-worker, family member or just one of your friends; the Blah Button is a funny gift that's designed to say it like it is: "Blah, Blah Blahhh!" The amusing Blah Button jokes around in tense situations and makes a great bosses gift for work, college gift for school or desk gift stress toy for the office. It can be a joke gift, a retirement gift or a teacher gift. Funny gift for a democrat or republican. And can be used for any type of political discussions or debates. These great joke toys offer an easy and funny way to spin those conversations in life that range from being boring and repetitive to just uncomfortable and awkward. When what you're listening to is simply BORING or completely IRRELEVANT to the actual discussion taking place, it's time to press the Blah Button. When you're just sick and tired of hearing the same nonsensical repetitive ramblings over and over again, it's time to press the Blah Button. When someone just keeps talking about themselves or a topic that you've zero interest in, y...

  • Color: Blue, Yellow, White, Black
  • Brand: Talkie Toys Products
  • UPC: 787793809781
  • Part No: M4BLA
Funny Science Pinback Buttons (2.25 inches) - Set of 4 -
Funny Science Pinback Buttons (2.25 inches) - Set of 4

Four LARGE 2.25" (58mm) science-themed buttons/pins/badges. You will receive FOUR buttons to help spread the coolness of science. Perfect gift for: parties, workplaces, hospitals, school bags, office functions, winter coats, sweaters, workplace flair, public demonstrations and everything in between. Especially great if you'd like it to be known that you're a proud supporter of making science funny again!

  • Color: Multicolored
  • Brand: Great North American Button Emporium
  • ASIN: B07911MVZH
  • UPC: 758093233798
  • Part No: .
Talkie Toys Products That's Bullshit Button,Talking Button Features Funny BS Sayings -
Talkie Toys Products That's Bullshit Button,Talking Button Features Funny BS Sayings

The That's Bullshit Button is sure to put any pathological liar in their place! Presenting a Bullshit sound effects button that says exactly what everyone is thinking! Featuring 5 laugh out loud Bullshit phrases, hilarious background sound effects and nonstop laughter. This funny gag gift is perfect for the person in your life that just can't control their need to scream Bullshit. The giant red button has the ability to call out bogus lies heard at the office, in the dorm and even around the dinner table. At the office, there is nothing funnier than listening to the ridiculous excuses co-workers give to the boss to try and explain their behavior away. Give the gift of laughter to the person in your office who just can't stand the lies anymore and wants to scream Bullshit! In the dorm, we all have a friend that believes wholeheartedly that they're right, all the time, even when they're completely wrong! Take back the conversations by giving someone in your circle the ability to say it like it is, Bullshit! Around the dinner table, as parents, it's our responsibility to teach our kids not to lie, and sure as you're reading this, every kid will try at one point or another! If you have a friend that is a parent of a teen or young adult, show them you care by getting them a parenting ...

  • Brand: Talkie Toys Products
  • UPC: 792736701909
  • Part No: M6TBS
Fuck It! Button -
Fuck It! Button

The Fuck It!!! Button is here to help you get through those moments in life when you just want to throw your hands in the air and say Fuck It! You know, those awful moments when you're pushed and pushed to the very brink of your sanity. These moments can be relentlessly frustrating. They come in many forms and can make you so mad at something, or someone, that you literally just can't take it anymore. The talking sound button speaks 10 laugh out loud phrases that say Fuck It in different funny ways. The sound button has a black base and an easy push big red button. The Fuck It Button lights up, flashes and has crazy background sound effects. This sound button is your go to mood enhancer when you need a simple and fun way to bring some sanity back into your life. Forget about whatever is stressing you out with a bit of laughter in a funny memory making way with the Fuck It Button. This funny gag gift makes for a thoughtful present for friends and family. It's perfect as funny office gift for your favorite or not so favorite co-workers. They're sure to be the prized piece of any office desk toys collection. Best of all they work as a fun stress relief toy in tense situations that call for a mood changing Fuck It phrase! When people don't listen, when you find your lover cheating, w...

  • Brand: Talkie Toys Products
  • ASIN: B00MIA3S7W
  • UPC: 863755000066
  • Part No: M6FIT
Huge Wholesale Lot of 48 Music and Band 1
Huge Wholesale Lot of 48 Music and Band 1" Pins/Buttons/Badges

complete set of 48 Music and Band themed buttons/pinbacks

  • ASIN: B01GNB92OE

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