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Cozy Mystery Ghost Story Collection: The Complete Shannon Porter Mystery Series -
Cozy Mystery Ghost Story Collection: The Complete Shannon Porter Mystery Series

Limited Time Offer! Grab this Cozy Mystery Ghost Story Box Set (4-Book Bundle) for just $.2.99 or Borrow for FREE with Kindle Unlimited!The Complete Shannon Porter Mystery Series on sale now!A Not So Cozy ChristmasWhen Shannon Porter decides to plan a Christmas time visit with an old friend, she is looking for a quiet reunion. Instead she finds herself smack in the middle of a centuries old feud that someone wants to settle once and for all....and they will stop at nothing to reclaim what they feel is rightfully theirs.When Shannon discovers an old diary she is suddenly pulled into all the mystery and legend of the Black Hills.As she deals with a mother who talks to ghosts, a grumpy old geezer who is up to no good, and a handsome colleague with revenge on his mind, Shannon tries desperately to help her friend hold onto her home, her dreams and the land that she loves.An extra bonus to this book includes yummy recipes from the Mid West!Mansion MayhemShannon Porter has always loved a good ghost story, so when her editor asks her to write a book about famous ghosts, she jumps at the chance. She loves the idea that the book will take her to various locations around the world, starting with a haunted mansion in England. Little does she know that instead of writing her book, she will ...

DEAD LEAVES: 9 Tales from the Witching Season (Dead Seasons Book 1) -
DEAD LEAVES: 9 Tales from the Witching Season (Dead Seasons Book 1)

Strange text messages portend a strange kind of apocalypse...Two brothers find themselves drawn to the only house in the neighborhood not decorated for Halloween…A man returns to his hometown to bury his overbearing mother, and finds more than memories awaiting him in the shadows of his childhood home…A young girl walks a lonely country road, recalling a rhyme that brings with it memories of death…A teenager hoping for romance gets more than he bargained for when the object of his desire introduces him to the object of hers…An aging millionaire awakes buried in a cheap coffin with only a lamp and a bell for company…The son of a woman accused of being a witch accepts the villagers' peace offering at her funeral, but all is not quite as it seems…A woman with a violent past realizes that this year's Halloween party may be coming for her…and a lonely trick-or-treater awakes in a house rumored to be a place of death. Featuring a new introduction, and rounded out by the author's recommended Halloween reading and watching lists, DEAD LEAVES makes for the perfect autumnal read.

Esio Trot (Colour Edition) -
Esio Trot (Colour Edition)

Esio Trot by Roald Dahl - the world's NUMBER ONE storyteller. High up in a tall building lives Mr Hoppy all alone. Downstairs lives Mrs Silver. Mr Hoppy loves her. And Mrs Silver loves her tortoise, Alfie. Oh, if only Mr Hoppy could perform some great feat that would make him a hero in her eyes! Then one day his mind goes click and an amazing idea rushes into his head. With the help of a magical spell, some cabbage leaves and one hundred and forty tortoises, can shy Mr Hoppy win Mrs Silver's heart? And now you can listen to ESIO TROT ( with THE GIRAFFE AND THE PELLY AND ME) and other Roald Dahl audiobooks read by some very famous voices, including Kate Winslet, David Walliams and Steven Fry - plus there are added squelchy soundeffects from Pinewood Studios! And look out for new Roald Dahl apps in the App store and Google Play- including the disgusting TWIT OR MISS! and HOUSE OF TWITS inspired by the revolting Twits.

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  • ASIN: 0141369388
  • Part No: YES29160396
Scarecrow -

Jack and his dad are runaways. Jack’s father recently turned whistleblower, revealing the truth about the illicit dealings of some powerful people. Realising that he and Jack might be in danger, Dad drives them to a remote shooting lodge in the Scottish Highlands, where they intend to lay low. In the cornfield beside the lodge stands a scarecrow. When Jack witnesses something incredible, he begins to realise that it is no ordinary scarecrow – it is alive, hungry and fuelled by rage. And when Dad’s enemies begin to converge on the lodge, the scarecrow might just turn out to be Jack’s best hope of survival.

  • ASIN: 1783445319
Knife Edge (Noughts and Crosses) -
Knife Edge (Noughts and Crosses)

Where there has been love, now there is hate. Two families have been shattered by the divided and violent society they live in. Sephy Hadley - technically a Cross, powerful and privileged - has tied her life forever to the McGregor family. The McGregors are a family of n: noughts:, therefore inferior and persecuted. without question. Jude McGregor blames Sephy for all the tragedies his family has suffered. He and is determined to force her to take sides, and destroy her life . . . just like she destroyed his. . . . . 'Devastatingly powerful' Guardian 'Moving and thought-provoking' Observer

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Noughts & Crosses (Noughts and Crosses) -
Noughts & Crosses (Noughts and Crosses)

From acclaimed author Malorie Blackman, Noughts & Crosses is the first novel in her incredible four part dystopian YA series. 'The most original book I've ever read' Benjamin Zephaniah Sephy and Callum have been friends since early childhood, and that's as far as it can go. They live in a society full of prejudice, racism, distrust and mounting terrorist violence. Despite the world being against them, a romance builds between the two friends. But this is a love story that will lead both of them into terrible danger... Voted as one of the UK's best-loved books, Malorie Blackman's Noughts & Crosses is a seminal piece of YA fiction; a true modern classic. 'Unforgettable' The Guardian

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