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Glow Stick -
Glow Stick

Spunky Pup Glow Stick is great for games of fetch after sundown. Glows in the dark. Durable, textured surface. Dishwasher safe. 12" long

  • Brand: Spunky Pup
  • UPC: 851613003939
  • Part No: 1985
Cyalume SnapLight 6
Cyalume SnapLight 6" Industrial Grade Glow Sticks, Multi-Color 12 Pack (Green, White, Red, Orange, Yellow, Blue) Light Sticks

The Cyalume Snap Light is an industrial grade chemical light stick providing instant 360 degree illumination, that can be seen up to a mile away in optimal conditions. The Snap Light is waterproof, buoyant, non-toxic, and non-flammable. To activate the light stick, bend, snap and shake the tube. The light stick has a hook and hole top, for hanging or attaching the light. Each light stick is individually foil-wrapped for protection from light and moisture, and has up to a five-year shelf life from date of manufacture. The durable, waterproof, external body of the light stick is made from low density polyethylene (LDPE), and is phthalate free for safety. The internal illuminating chemical substance is non-toxic and non-flammable. Light sticks are chemiluminescent substances in plastic tubes that provide hours of illumination in a number of safety, industrial, and military applications. Cyalume light sticks do not produce heat and are non-sparking, which makes them useful in hazardous situations where sparks or flame could cause an explosion. Cyalume is the official supplier of chemiluminescent products to the U.S. Military, U.S. Government, and NATO. Cyalume provides dependable light for use in emergencies such as blackouts, industrial accidents and natural disasters. Cyalume produ...

  • Brand: Cyalume
  • ASIN: B010S598K4
  • UPC: 785533636970
  • Part No: 9-00741
Premium Aqua 6
Premium Aqua 6" Glow Sticks (Box of 25)

The best brand of glow sticks on the market. You will receive 25 FlashingBlinkyLights Premium luminescent light sticks. Once they start glowing, FlashingBlinkyLights brand Premium glow light sticks will last you all night. They will glow super bright for 8 - 12 hours. Then, they will start to fade out but may continue to emit some light for up to 36 hours. We are constantly getting new shipments from the factory, so you know these are as fresh and new as they come. Inside the glow light sticks are two chemicals that emit light or glow when they are mixed together. When you bend it for the first time, you break the inner glass tube which mixes the two chemicals together. Just shake it up and presto -- it starts glowing like magic! FlashingBlinkyLights glow-in-the-dark products are non-toxic. They are not radioactive and they are not flammable. They almost never break open, but if they do, the chemicals inside can be washed off skin and clothes with ordinary soap or detergent. Dimensions:Height: 6.0 in. Width: 0.75 in. String Necklace: Approx. 30.0 in. Batteries are not required for this product.

  • Color: Aqua
  • Brand: FlashingBlinkyLights
  • UPC: 700867744566
  • Part No: 12106-25
Cyalume SnapLight Green Light Sticks – 6 Inch Industrial Grade, High Intensity Glow Sticks with 12 Hour Duration (Pack of 30) -
Cyalume SnapLight Green Light Sticks – 6 Inch Industrial Grade, High Intensity Glow Sticks with 12 Hour Duration (Pack of 30)

The Cyalume Snaplight Is A Green Industrial Grade Light Stick Measuring 6&Quot; Long, For Providing Instant 360 Degree Illumination, That Can Be Seen Up To A Mile Away For Up To 12 Hours In Optimal Conditions. The Snaplight Is Waterproof, Non-Toxic, And Non-Flammable. To Activate The Light Stick, Bend, Snap And Shake The Tube. The Light Stick Has A Hook And Gate Top, For Hanging Or Attaching The Light. Each Light Stick Is Individually Foil-Wrapped For Protection From Light And Moisture, And Has Up To A Five-Year Shelf Life From Date Of Manufacture.The Durable, Waterproof, External Body Of The Light Stick Is Made From Low Density Polyethylene (Ldpe), And Is Phthalate Free For Safety. The Internal Illuminating Substance Is Non-Toxic And Non-Flammable, And The Components Of The Light Stick Are Recyclable. The Light Stick Floats In Water And Works Best Between 40 To 80 Degrees F (4 To 27 Degrees C), And Although The Light Stick Works At Higher Or Lower Temperatures, It Is Less Effective In Colder Temperatures.All Sticks Are Tested At A Temperature Of 72 Degrees F (22 Degrees C) To Determine The Illumination Duration. Each 10-Degree C (50-Degree F) Increase Or Decrease In Temperature Doubles Or Halves The Reaction Rate, And Therefore The Brightness And Duration. For Example, The Same ...

  • Color: Green
  • Brand: Cyalume
  • ASIN: B010S58CS8
  • UPC: 789545314529
  • Part No: 9-00730
Party Glow Sticks Lights -

  • Brand: Pixel Lighting
  • ASIN: B00N9MV19A
  • Part No: com.pixellighting.partyglowsticks
4" Glow Stick Mega Value Pack - Blue, Party Accessory is the largest designer, manufacturer, and distributor of decorated party goods and party accessories in the world, founded in 1947. Our company is also a leading supplier of gifts, home decor, and tabletop products as well as the primary source for gift wrap, gift bags, stationery, and licensed products. Our party offering is comprised of more than 300 innovative party ensembles including tableware, accessories, balloons, novelties, stationery, gift wrap, and decorations. Gifts that inspire and satisfy customer needs. Have fun and conserve energy at the same time. Get your guests to use these 4 Inch Blue Glow Stick Value Pack and start the rave of human disco lights going. Amscan pledge to provide you the quality product at a reasonable price. If you come in, we will give you the reason to come back. Premium quality, Affordable, Value pack, Easy to use, Best for any party

  • Color: Blue
  • Brand: Amscan
  • UPC: 013051521356
  • Part No: 310087.22
Glow in The Dark Hot Glue Sticks Mini Size 4
Glow in The Dark Hot Glue Sticks Mini Size 4" - 15 Pack

Surebonder GS-15 Glo Stik is Made in the USA. This a Glow-in-the-dark mini glue stick that can be used for, but not limited to, Halloween decorations, Halloween costumes, Holiday projects, craft and art projects, school projects or your own creative activity. You receive 15 each 4" x .27" glue sticks that can be used in Dual Temperature or High Temperature Glue Guns

  • Color: Glow-In-The-Dark
  • Brand: Surebonder
  • ASIN: B007L9ZR4C
  • UPC: 018239354498
  • Part No: GS-15
Gear Aid Ni Glo, Glowing Keychain for Camping, Scuba and Night Fishing, Orange -
Gear Aid Ni Glo, Glowing Keychain for Camping, Scuba and Night Fishing, Orange

Ni Glow is a glow in the dark keychain perfect for marking SCUBA tanks and outdoor gear. Like a reusable mini glow stick, this gear marker is rechargeable and makes a useful camping accessory. Simply attach it to keys, backpacks, fishing rods or tents and watch it glow bright green for two hours. It then fades to a constant glow that lasts throughout the night. To recharge, expose it directly to sunlight or indoor light. For best results, charge under the sun for two hours. Small and lightweight, it’s a convenient marker for trails and dive sites. Whatever outdoor activity you’re into, Ni Glow will mark the way.

  • Color: Orange
  • Brand: Gear Aid
  • ASIN: B07KXM21FC
  • UPC: 021563915020
  • Part No: 91502
8IN GLOW STICK - Glow Sticks Com

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