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Halloween in Atlantis: Poseidon's Warriors -
Halloween in Atlantis: Poseidon's Warriors

A Halloween treat from New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Alyssa Day. Now that Atlantis has finally risen to take its place on the world stage, the Atlantean warriors are having to face some new and interesting dangers -- like Halloween parties. Arrogant warrior Liam doesn't understand the beautiful, bubbly human whose entire function in life appears to be to plan parties, but he can’t seem to keep away from her, either. Jaime, who considers herself to be completely unflappable--the hallmark of a great event planner--doesn't understand why the far-too-serious Atlantean manages to get under her skin with every single encounter. Even if he is the sexiest man she has ever seen.When the two of them are thrown together to solve a mystery surrounding the queen's stolen jewels, sparks fly, secrets are revealed, and Halloween has never been hotter...or funnier!Warning: This book contains scary jack-o-lanterns, fruit ninjas, pirates, princesses, party planners, temperamental chefs, incompetent jewel thieves, laughter, kisses, mystery, magic, Poseidon, Atlantis, bad boys, black sheep, a drunk chef in a wine cellar, the crown jewels, and Halloween candy.Other Books by Alyssa:POSEIDON’S WARRIORS SERIES:Halloween in AtlantisChristmas in AtlantisJanuary in AtlantisFebruary in ...

Adventure Escape: Midnight Carnival (Mysterious Room Halloween Story) -

  • Brand: Haiku Games
  • ASIN: B01M65UIR0
  • Part No: com.haikugamesco.escapecarnival
Beetlejuice -

  • ASIN: B001EC2ISA
Batman: Year One -

  • Brand: Unknown
  • ASIN: B0064W65SO
Slots -

  • Brand: Big Casino Team
  • Part No: com.bigcasinoteam.halloweenslots
HAOSUN Halloween Saw Mask Horrible Mask Pig Face Mask Masquerade Costume Latex Mask -
HAOSUN Halloween Saw Mask Horrible Mask Pig Face Mask Masquerade Costume Latex Mask

Size: One Size Suitable For the Vast Majority of The People. Net Weight: About 250g. Halloween Costume Party Decoration Mask.

  • Color: Pink
  • Brand: HAOSUN
  • ASIN: B0761QZP4F
ColorGround Half Silver White Half Red Cosplay Wig for Halloween -
ColorGround Half Silver White Half Red Cosplay Wig for Halloween

Inspired by the famous Japanese Anime, we blended many different colors to come up with this wonderful wig for the main character. We increased the size specially for fitting American male average head size. Heat resistant fiber looks natural and can be permed by iron. Product Details: Material: 100% heat-resistant synthetic Color: Half silver white half dark red Style: Short Wig Weight: 5.6 ounces/160 grams Package Included: 1x ColorGround cosplay wig + 1x FREE wig cap DIY your own wig Style: Using a curling iron or straightener on low settings, you can DIY your own hair style. But we kindly suggest that please don't keep it long-lasting which runs the risk of melting the wig. Cleaning Instructions: 1. The wig doesn't need to be washed frequently, but care and maintain it regularly. 2. Smooth the wig before putting it into cold or lukewarm water. 3. Add a little mild shampoo and wash gently. 4. Rinse thoroughly and towel to blot up the water. 5. Use metal comb or oxhorn comb, and then hang and dry it naturally. We don't suggest plastic comb because it may cause static electricity. 6. All synthetic hair wigs are happened to the minimum shedding and tangling which is normal. Brush wig into desired style after it is dry. 7. You may enjoy wearing it again! Tips of Storage:Keep...

  • Color: Silver White/Dark Red
  • Brand: ColorGround
  • ASIN: B073QNZ7ZL
  • UPC: 743790223906
  • Part No: CM0601949054
Horror Classics- 50 Movie Pack Anniversary Edition -
Horror Classics- 50 Movie Pack Anniversary Edition

Get an instant library of some of the greatest horror classics ever to come out of Hollywood on twelve double-sided DVDs. Never has such a comprehensive collection of great classic horror films been assembled in one exciting package, all for an amazingly low price! Includes: The Amazing Mr. X The Ape Atom Age Vampire The Attack of the Giant Leeches The Bat The Beast of Yucca Flats Black Dragons Bloodlust Bluebeard The Brain That Wouldn t Die Carnival of Souls The Corpse Vanishes Creature from the Haunted Sea Dead Men Walk Dementia 13 Doomed to Die Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde (Silent) The Fatal Hour The Giant Gila Monster The Gorilla House on Haunted Hill The Hunchback of Notre Dame (Silent) The Indestructible Man Invisible Ghost The Killer Shrews King of the Zombies The Last Man on Earth Last Woman on Earth The Little Shop of Horrors The Mad Monster Maniac Metropolis Monster from a Prehistoric Planet The Monster Maker The Monster Walks Night of the Living Dead Nightmare Castle Nosferatu (Silent) One Body Too Many The Phantom from 10,000 Leagues The Phantom of the Opera (Silent) Revolt of the Zombies The Screaming Skull A Shriek in the Night Swamp Women The Terror Tormented The Vampire Bat White Zombie The World Gone Mad

  • ASIN: B0001HAGTM
  • UPC: 826831070032
  • Part No: MV07003
Kinder Surprise - Halloween Kinder Surprise

    Model Number:

Kinder Surprise - Halloween Special Edition (Part 1/2)

Kinder Surprise - Halloween Special [2001] (Kinder Überraschung)