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Trick or Treat 2018 Halloween Michael Myers Mask-Standard -
Trick or Treat 2018 Halloween Michael Myers Mask-Standard

OFFICIAL LICENSED Halloween 2018 full over-the-head latex mask! Actually made from the movie mold! One size fits most adults. One size

  • Color: Gray
  • Brand: Trick Or Treat Studios
  • ASIN: B07GVS9R74
  • UPC: 850946008505
  • Part No: MACNMF100
Halloween VI: The Curse of Michael Myers (Unrated Producer's Cut) [Blu-ray] -
Halloween VI: The Curse of Michael Myers (Unrated Producer's Cut) [Blu-ray]

In a single horrifying night, Michael Myers masked reign of terror changed Halloween forever! Now, six years after he was presumed dead in a fire, Myers has resumed to kill again - and this time there's no escape. As the homicidal fury builds to a spine-tangling climax, the long hidden secrets of the screen's most maniacal murderer are revealed... with shocking results!

  • Brand: LIONSGATE
  • ASIN: B011ID14F2
  • UPC: 031398231462
  • Part No: 47854
Halloween -

  • ASIN: B018A5RWT8
Halloween: The Changing Shape of an Iconic Series -
Halloween: The Changing Shape of an Iconic Series

October 25th, 1978. John Carpenter’s Halloween is unleashed upon an unsuspecting public and, in no time, becomes a horror movie phenomenon. Made for only $320,000.00, the expertly crafted and terrifying film would eventually gross $70 million worldwide, and would not only create a solid formula that has been imitated endlessly since 1978, but would also spawn no less than nine sequels with a tenth due out this October. In his book Halloween: The Changing Shape of an Iconic Series, author Ernie Magnotta meticulously details exactly what made this entertaining and terrifying film the enduring classic that it is today. He then goes on to discuss how the sequels strayed further and further away from writer/director/composer John Carpenter’s original vision until they became something almost entirely different. The author goes into detail about all aspects of the series including story, characters, acting, suspense/scares, cinematography, direction/composition, music, Michael Myers’ ever-changing mask and much, much more! Packed with loads of information as well as almost 200 full-color photos, Halloween: The Changing Shape of an Iconic Series is a must have for fans of the classic franchise. “A totally great read!” —P.J. Soles (“Lynda” 1978’s Halloween) "Ernie defin...

  • ASIN: 1726033589
Halloween: The Official Movie Novelization -
Halloween: The Official Movie Novelization

The official novelization of the highly anticipated revamp of the classic horror film Halloween.In 1978, Laurie Strode survived an encounter with Michael Myers, a masked figure who killed her friends and terrorized the town of Haddonfield, Illinois on Halloween night. Myers was later gunned down, apprehended and committed to Smith's Grove State Hospital. For forty years, memories of that nightmarish ordeal have haunted Laurie and now Myers is back once again on Halloween, having escaped a routine transfer, leaving a trail of bodies in his wake. This time, Laurie is prepared with years of survival training to protect herself, her daughter Karen and her granddaughter Allyson, a teenager separated from her family and enjoying Halloween festivities.Cover Image © 2018 Universal Studios. All Rights Reserved.

  • ASIN: B07H1XZ6VV
NECA - Halloween (2018 Movie) - 7
NECA - Halloween (2018 Movie) - 7" Scale Action Figure - Ultimate Michael Myers

Michael Myers returns to NECA’s action figure line! Based on his appearance in the thrilling new Halloween movie, this all new Michael stands over 7” tall and has received the Ultimate treatment, with over 25 points of articulation and tons of accessories. The Ultimate Michael Myers figure comes with 2 heads, knife, hammer, jack o’ lantern, interchangeable hands and more. Comes in display-friendly deluxe window box packaging with opening flap.

  • Color: Multicolor
  • Brand: NECA
  • ASIN: B07H8LKF2P
  • UPC: 634482606872
  • Part No: 60687
Halloween: Curse of Michael Myers - Original Soundtrack by Alan Howarth -
Halloween: Curse of Michael Myers - Original Soundtrack by Alan Howarth

The only thing more terrifying than how it began, is how it will end. AHI Records will be releasing a special Limited Edition Expanded release of HALLOWEEN: THE CURSE OF MICHAEL MYERS. The soundtrack features music composed & performed by Alan Howarth (THE LOST EMPIRE, HEADLESS) for the 1995 sequel to the popular HALLOWEEN series directed by Joe Chappelle (CHICAGO FIRE, FRINGE, THE WIRE), starring Paul Rudd, Marianne Hagan, Mitch Ryan, Kim Darby, Bradford English, Keith Bogart, George P. Wilbur as Michael Myers and Donald Pleasance returning as Dr. Loomis. The score for HALLOWEEN: THE CURSE OF MICHAEL MYERS was performed by Alan Howarth, who had assisted John Carpenter on HALLOWEEN II and HALLOWEEN III and returning again after scoring HALLOWEEN 4: THE RETURN OF MICHAEL MYERS and HALLOWEEN 5. The transition from one production company to another had a significant impact on the film, specifically in post production as Dimension wanted something with a lot more action and a lot more gore, which forced screenwriter Daniel Ferrands to write some new material for the film and causing the existing version of the film to go through extensive re-cutting along with the addition of new footage. Because of the re-tooling of the film, composer Alan Howarth had to completely re-do his music...

  • ASIN: B00PS44QPI
  • UPC: 884501601092
1978 John Carpenters Halloween Michael Myers Kitchen Knife -
1978 John Carpenters Halloween Michael Myers Kitchen Knife

1978 John Carpenter's Halloween Michael Myers Kitchen Knife! This kitchen knife is designed after John Carpenter's 1978 movie Halloween. Michael Myers "The Shape" mask on one side and the John Carpenter's Halloween title card on the other. This is a real kitchen knife. Image transferred, painted, then airbrushed a varnish clear coat.

  • Brand: DeadDaveDesigns


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