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How to Catch a Monster -
How to Catch a Monster

FREE for Kindle Unlimited members! This book features vivid, full-color layouts with Kindle Text Pop-UpEric hates taking a bath. Eric hates brushing his teeth. Eric hates putting on his pajamas. Let's face it, Eric hates getting ready for bed.Thankfully, Eric's mom and dad have the perfect plan to help their little boy. Find out what a plate of chocolate chip cookies and a monster has to do with it.How to catch a monster is a fun and beautifully illustrated book with a surprisingly sweet ending that all readers will surely enjoy. this charming children's story that is sure to become a favorite.If you enjoy this book, please check out One Little Dragon. It’s our family favorite.Reviews:"This actually brought a tear to my eye reading this to my two year old.""My favorite thing about this book were the awesome illustrations. Wow! Loved the vivid colors and textures. One of the most professional looking indie ebooks I've seen and on par (or above) with published children's books. The story was cute and also so much better than most indie ebooks. I can see kids asking for this story to be read many times and wanting a monster of their own!""This is such a clever book! My kids constantly ask me to read it over and over again. The pictures are amazing and the best part is the surpri...

  • ASIN: B0095807LK
I’m a Dragon Today: Sometime parents can be
I’m a Dragon Today: Sometime parents can be "creative" too! (Bedtimes Story Fiction Children's Picture Book Book 3)

I’m a Dragon Today**********************One day the monster woke up and declared“I’m a dragon; I hope you’re all scared!”Totally thrilled to be covered in spikes,For a dragon can do whatever he likes.

  • ASIN: B07CP2X3DM
Pete the Cat: Five Little Pumpkins -
Pete the Cat: Five Little Pumpkins

New York Times Bestseller!Bestselling author and artist James Dean brings us a groovy rendition of the classic favorite children’s song “Five Little Pumpkins,” sung by cool cat Pete and perfect for Halloween.Young Halloween fans will enjoy chanting along with Pete:Five little pumpkinsSitting on a gate. The first one said, "Oh my, it’s getting late."

"You're not my monster!": Help Kids Overcome their Fears. (Bedtimes Story Fiction Children's Picture Book Book 1)

Help Kids Overcome their Fears ****************************When little Dan started to sleep on his ownHis parents were proud of how much he’d grownThey gave him a monster, a sweet little dollTo prove to the world – he was not scared at all!

  • ASIN: B077ZXQFM4
The Traveling Circus (Mark Watson Children's Books Book 3) -
The Traveling Circus (Mark Watson Children's Books Book 3)

WINNERS: Best Illustrated Children's Ebook - MOONBEAM Awards 2015WINNERS: Best Children's Animal Book - READER'S FAVORITE Awards 2015WINNERS: Best Illustrated Children's book - IPPY Awards 2015Read this book for FREE with a KINDLE PRIME or KINDLEUNLIMITED membershipTerrifying, funny, thrilling! This new, beautifully illustrated children's Halloween book is available in paperback and kindle versions. The Kindle version includes links to exclusive interactive content. Perfect for early and elementary readers. This book may be adorable for young kids but is also enjoyable for the whole family.Also fun or to be read aloud, this fun but scary children's picture book has become one of the most popular ebooks ever.The little boy’s biggest and best present,was an awesome, fold-out circus tent.He put it up and played in it all day,flatly refusing to tidy it away.In the middle of the night,when all were sleeping sweetly,music came into his dreams,although he slept so deeply.He tossed and turned and mumbled,then in his sleep he spoke,“The Circus is in town!”And with that he awoke…He rubbed his eyes and shook his head,fairylights were on his bed!On the top, down the side and along the floor they went,like softly glowing fallen stars, leading to the tent…"What initially appears to b...

  • ASIN: B01M6BAIP5
I've Only Got Three Hands:: Teach Your Children to Keep Their Room Clean (Bedtimes Story  Fiction Children's Picture Book Book 2) -
I've Only Got Three Hands:: Teach Your Children to Keep Their Room Clean (Bedtimes Story Fiction Children's Picture Book Book 2)

I've Only Got Three Hands****************************Big problems were brewing in monster landWhere one boy’s bedroom was way out of hand;When bedtime came, well, his room was a mess!And that mischievous monster couldn’t care less.

"Home Sweet Home":: Teach Your Kids About the Importance of Home! (Bedtimes Story Fiction Children's Picture Book Book 2)

Sweet Home*****************One morning long ago a turtle called Tim.Took off his heavy shell to go for a swim.He went down to the lake by the shortest route,He was wearing a hat and a blue bathing suit.

  • ASIN: B076J5YHFN
It's Halloween -
It's Halloween

Thirteen poems to spice up the holiday that ghouls and ghosts love most. "Prelutsky's Nightmares tamed for beginning readers. They're catchy at the most rudimentary level."--Kirkus Reviews.

  • Brand: Prelutsky, Jack/ Hafner, Marylin (ILT)
  • ASIN: 068814733X
  • Part No: Illustrated

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