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Unraveled (A Bad Boy Secret Baby Romance) -
Unraveled (A Bad Boy Secret Baby Romance)

I kept the baby a secret...The last thing I need is a gorgeous Aussie Adonis with a filthy mouth who can’t stop talking about his... package.Too bad I'm not interested in taking a delivery.Liam, my new housemate from Australia is larger than life in every way, and he likes to make sure I know it.If he can’t stop talking about it, I can’t stop thinking about it. But I’m not interested. I can’t be interested.Well, when one touch brings me to my knees, it makes things a little complicated.You know what's even more complicated?The baby I haven't told him about.His baby.*When I first laid eyes on Riss, I knew I wanted her. Her sea-green eyes pulled me in, her sexy curves drove me wild, and her soft lips set me on fire.I claimed her, and her body quaked against mine. We christened every piece of furniture in the house, then I did it again just to make sure.But she kept something from me. She kept our baby a secret.I never knew I wanted a family until I learned the truth.Now, I'm going to make her mine again. Now, we're going to be a family.Unraveled is a full-length stand-alone romance with a guaranteed HEA. For a limited time, a second complete full-length romance novel is included.

Small Town Bad Boys: The Complete Series -
Small Town Bad Boys: The Complete Series

Hold on tight, sweetheart. There's nothing small about these bad boys except the town they come from. From billionaires to criminals, these sinfully hot men will fight for their women at any cost. With five standalone books featuring six rough and filthy bad boys, get ready for a melted Kindle! All guaranteed HEAs, no cheating or cliffhangers, and steamy passion that will keep your pages turning!Book One: Ball and Chain: A Second Chance RomanceBook Two: Love and War: A Bad Boy Cop Romance Book Three: Down and Dirty: A Bad Boy Single Dad RomanceBook Four: Cocked and Loaded: A Billionaire RomanceBook Five: Kiss and Tell: A MFM Menage Romance

  • ASIN: B0772WSH1Z
Purely Wicked: Ashley & Jackson (The Moores Book 5) -
Purely Wicked: Ashley & Jackson (The Moores Book 5)

AshleyWhen I was fifteen, Jackson Moore came swaggering into my life and swept me up in a whirlwind summer of marathon make out sessions and whispered promises. We had three short months of happiness and then he was gone. Off to New York to make something of himself while I stayed behind and became something I don’t recognize. Now, eight years later, not only is he back, but he’s also my boss. I never thought I’d see him again but now I spend every day beside him. My body remembers him as if time never separated us. As if life never changed us. As if he’s still my bad boy, protecting me, pulling me close while he raged at the world. Except time did separate us and life did change us. No matter how much my body yearns for him, Jackson Moore isn’t mine anymore. JacksonWhen I was nineteen, I told Ashley Thompson I would save her from the world. I drew her to me, feeling big and powerful, drunk on youth and the certainty I had it all figured out. But life has a way of making a liar out of you. Eight years later I come back and find my sweet and gentle girl watching me with a wary eyes, her mouth set in a grim line. She used to be something warm and sweet in an otherwise cold world, but now she’s just another small town tragedy. I came back to make a better life for my dau...

The Lost Boys -

Cocked and Loaded: A Billionaire Romance (Small Town Bad Boys Book 4) -
Cocked and Loaded: A Billionaire Romance (Small Town Bad Boys Book 4)

Get in line, sweetheart. I'm Reagan Sells and I'm loaded in more ways than one. I built my real estate empire from nothing but blood, sweat, tears and Scotch. Now I'm too big to fall and from what most women tell me, almost too big to handle. Cloverville is my next target. It's the perfect setting for my new development project. If I were the settling down type, it'd be a good place to raise a family.Too bad that's not my style.Not even the sassy, curvy farmer girl can lasso me down, although I wouldn't mind a roll in the hay.She's raising hell about my new buildings going up near her land, and that sexy attitude's got my pants rising too. I'm sure she and I can come to an agreement. I always succeed at scoring deals. But first I need to make her put away that shotgun she's aiming right at me.Cocked and Loaded is a standalone novel in the Small Town Bad Boys series. Lots of steam, no cheating or cliffhangers, and a guaranteed HEA!

  • ASIN: B074WJRP9Q
Halloween Town University T-Shirt Funny Halloweens Tee Gifts -

  • Color: Black
  • Brand: Halloween Town University Shirts Gifts
  • ASIN: B07H2ZY5L8
Freddie Figg & The Science Room Squid -
Freddie Figg & The Science Room Squid

Freddie Figg has a problem. A pink, tentacled, slime-covered problem. And he’s the only one that can solve it.It started as an ordinary day for Freddie Figg, but science class, and a special dissection experiment, has brought a monster to school. With no one believing what Freddie has seen - can he save the school from a tentacled, slimy doom? Find out in “Freddie Figg & the Science Room Squid” - book one of the Freddie Figg series.



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