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Ghosts of Grand Rapids (Haunted America) -
Ghosts of Grand Rapids (Haunted America)

“Grand Rapids’ sinister and spooky past is illuminated . . . examines local hauntings and reveals the truth behind some long told urban legends” (The Collegiate).   Come nose around in the creepier corners of the Grand Rapids of yesteryear. Discover why Hell’s Bridge persists as such an oft-told urban legend and what horrific history earned Heritage Hill the title of Michigan’s most haunted neighborhood. Mingle with the spooky inhabitants of the Phillips Mansion, Holmdene Manor, San Chez Restaurant and St. Cecilia Music Center. Meet the guests who never quite checked out of the Amway Grand. Read the true stories behind the Michigan Bell Building and the Ada Witch Legend. Nicole Bray, Robert Du Shane and Julie Rathsack illuminate the shadows of local sites you thought you knew.   Includes photos!

Curious George: Gets a New Toy -
Curious George: Gets a New Toy

Curious George loves to play, and nothing’s quite as exciting to play with as a brand new toy! Join everyone’s favorite monkey for 8 shows from the Daytime Emmy-winning TV series as he tries to win a guessing game, saves up for a brand new sailboat, and even builds his own treehouse! The fun’s just begun when Curious George Gets a New Toy!

  • Brand: Universal Studios
  • ASIN: B005LFQRT2
  • UPC: 025192076466
  • Part No: unknown
A Secret History of Witches: A Novel -
A Secret History of Witches: A Novel

A sweeping historical saga that traces five generations of fiercely powerful mothers and daughters -- witches whose magical inheritance is both a dangerous threat and an extraordinary gift. Brittany, 1821. After Grand-mère Ursule gives her life to save her family, their magic seems to die with her. Even so, the Orchires fight to keep the old ways alive, practicing half-remembered spells and arcane rites in hopes of a revival. And when their youngest daughter comes of age, magic flows anew. The lineage continues, though new generations struggle not only to master their power, but also to keep it hidden. But when World War II looms on the horizon, magic is needed more urgently than ever - not for simple potions or visions, but to change the entire course of history. "I loved it. A beautiful generational tale, reminiscent of Practical Magic.... Grounded and real, painful and hopeful at the same time." -- Laure Eve, author of The Graces

  • ASIN: 0316508586
Curious George: Leads the Band and Other Musical Mayhem! -
Curious George: Leads the Band and Other Musical Mayhem!

Strike up the music! From the Daytime Emmy award-winning PBS KIDS TV series, everyone’s favorite monkey is back for more fun and exciting adventures. Whether he’s in an apartment in the city or a house in the country, George is a natural performer. He’s making a splash everywhere from the symphony to the state fair! Get into the swing of things with Curious George Leads the Band and Other Musical Mayhem!

  • Color: Color
  • Brand: UNI DIST CORP. (MCA)
  • ASIN: B001G7SS8C
  • UPC: 025195016810
  • Part No: 4443992
Curious George: Plays in the Snow and Other Awesome Activities! -
Curious George: Plays in the Snow and Other Awesome Activities!

Winter, spring, summer, fall, Curious George explores it all! Join the world's most curious monkey for year-round laughter with 8 more adventures from his Daytime Emmy-nominated PBS KIDS TV Series narrated by Primetime Emmy Award-winner William H. Macy. Whether he's playing in the winter snow or building a boat for a summer race, Curious George makes every season fun in Curious George: Plays in the Snow and Other Awesome Activities!

  • Brand: UNI DIST CORP. (MCA)
  • ASIN: B000WC39M2
  • UPC: 025195005340
  • Part No: MHV63100636DVD
Wicked Little Things (After Dark Horrorfest) -
Wicked Little Things (After Dark Horrorfest)

Recently widowed Karen Tunny and her two daughters, Sarah and Emma, move to a remote mountain home which Karen has inherited from the family of her late husband. However, she is unaware that the home is situated near an old mine, the site of an early 20th century tragedy in which many children where buried alive..

  • Brand: LIONSGATE
  • UPC: 031398211082
  • Part No: LGT21108DVD
Trademark Fine Art Frida Skelly with Monkeys by Marie Marfia Fine Art, 35x47-Inch -
Trademark Fine Art Frida Skelly with Monkeys by Marie Marfia Fine Art, 35x47-Inch

This ready to hang, gallery-wrapped art piece features a skeleton sitting in the center of the frame with a white shirt. Prominent colors: tan, black, grey, purple, brown Marie marfia is a pastel artist who likes painting skeletons, waves, belly Dancers, vegetables, people on the beach, and women on magic carpets. Marie got her bachelor of fine arts degree from Kendall college of art & design in Grand rapids, Michigan. She worked the next 30 years as a graphic designer, honing her compositional skills and learning how to work under deadlines. It was only recently that she picked up pastels to try her hand at fine art painting, and promptly fell in love with the medium. She paints every day and likes to think, with all that practice, by the time she’s 80, she’ll be fantastic! giclee (jee-clay) is an advanced printmaking process for creating high quality fine art reproductions. The attainable excellence that giclee printmaking affords makes the reproduction virtually indistinguishable from the original piece. The result is wide acceptance of giclee by galleries, museums, and private collectors. Gallery wrap is a method of stretching an artist's canvas so that the canvas wraps around the sides and is secured a hidden, wooden frame. This method of stretching and preparing a canva...

  • Brand: Trademark Fine Art
  • ASIN: B07GCNF4N6
  • UPC: 192664812270
  • Part No: ALI43475-C3547GG
The Family Meal: Home Cooking with Ferran Adrià -
The Family Meal: Home Cooking with Ferran Adrià

The Family Meal is the first home cooking cookbook by the world's greatest chef, Ferran Adria. It features nearly 100 delicious recipes by Ferran Adria that anyone can prepare, inspired by the dishes eaten every day by the staff at his legendary restaurant El Bulli, awarded World's Best Restaurant five times.The recipes inThe Family Meal are easy-to-prepare and meant for family dining at home. From Roast Chicken with Potato Straws, Sea Bass Baked in Salt and Mexican-style Slow-Cooked Pork to White Chocolate Cake and Baked Apples with Whipped Cream, there is a wide selection of everyday classics for every night of the week. The cookbook is also the first by such a renowned chef to ensure that the dishes are affordle and the ingredients are widely availle at the local supermarket.The Family Meal is organized into three-course menus, with appetizers, mains and desserts, so you can prepare a well-balanced meal at home without fuss. Each recipe is shown with numerous step-by-step full-color photographs, and conversions on how you can prepare a meal for a small or large group - for 2, 6, 20 or 75 people.This is the cookbook by Ferran Adria everyone has been waiting for, it is sure to be one of the most talked out and popular cookbooks of the season.

  • Brand: phaidon
  • ASIN: 0714862533
  • Part No: 9780714862538

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