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BEAUTY QUEEN: Crossdressing, Feminization -
BEAUTY QUEEN: Crossdressing, Feminization

Todd has had a crush on Jenna since he was a pre-teen boy, but he’s never had the courage to talk to her until one night at a party. Their chemistry is undeniable and Todd is excited when he gets Jenna alone in a bedroom. And then he’s shocked when she takes off her dress and undies and asks him to put them on. It’s what she’s into, and it’s the only way he’s going to get any so he plays along. He even lets her take a few pictures after she puts a bit of makeup on his face.It’s a few months later when Todd turns on his TV and sees one of those pictures of him all dolled up and pretty. He hasn’t just been submitted to the town’s Miss Beautiful contest—he’s won it. And now he’s expected to make an appearance on live TV, and a few other appearances around town as well.

WHOEVER YOU WANT TO BE (Transformation, Feminization, Gender Swap) -
WHOEVER YOU WANT TO BE (Transformation, Feminization, Gender Swap)

Travelling for business is a thing of the past, now that you can hop into your Avatar, a perfect replica of yourself, on the other side of the planet, in the blink of an eye. Being in an Avatar is no different from real life—you can still see, hear, feel, taste, and smell everything, as if the Avatar was your real body.When Theo, one of the programmers behind the breakthrough invention, realizes there is a glitch in the system that could allow hackers to take control of any Avatar they want, he can’t help but try it out for himself before fixing the problem.

  • ASIN: B071S7G584
His First Dress: 8 Book Feminization Crossdressing Anthology -
His First Dress: 8 Book Feminization Crossdressing Anthology

Get 8 of Kendra Fawkes's latest transgender crossdressing stories in one steamy bundle! This bundle is over 60,000 words long and has a value of $25. You can get it now for just $3.99! This bundle containsHIS NEW DRESSJENNY’S FIRST TIMEUNDERCOVER GIRLTRANSFORMED ON CAMERATRAPPED!POPPING HIS CHERRYGIRLS ONLY!FRIENDS WITH BENEFITSEnjoy!

  • ASIN: B07HTS11SM
His New Dress (Crossdressing, Feminization) -
His New Dress (Crossdressing, Feminization)

Danny has a bit of a problem – he’s still a virgin in college. After an intense game of truth or dare in which he has his first kiss, Danny is determined to finally lose his virginity. But when he receives a mysterious package in the mail containing some very feminine clothing, everything changes. He has no idea what to do with a new dress, so he decides to ask his friend, Sasha, for some help… and she has a very special plan to solve his problem – become a woman!

Jenny's First Time (Crossdressing, Feminization) -
Jenny's First Time (Crossdressing, Feminization)

When Johnny’s best friend, Kristen, invites him over for a game of truth or dare, he thinks nothing of it. Things start to get more and more physical as Johnny learns a lot more about himself than he realizes… When Kristen dares him to try on women’s clothes, he can’t believe it. There’s no way he’d dress up like a girl! But Johnny soon realizes that becoming a woman isn’t so bad after all - especially after he meets his handsome, new professor…

Transformed on Camera (Crossdressing, Feminization) -
Transformed on Camera (Crossdressing, Feminization)

When Sam is approached by an attractive girl who thinks he’s got the right “look” to be an actor, he thinks someone’s playing a joke on him. Surely there were manlier looking guys out there who looked better on camera?But he needs the money, so what does he have to lose? It isn’t long before Sam quickly realizes the people he’s acting for have a very particular way they want him to look… and he soon finds himself dressed in ways he never would have imagined! Especially when his very handsome co-star joins in…

Girl Next Door: First Time Feminization -
Girl Next Door: First Time Feminization

Can Adam become the girl next door?College boy Adam is home for the holidays, glad for a little rest and relaxation over the festive period. But when a handsome neighbor next door catches his eye, Adam starts to wonder if he could transform - turning himself secretly into a pretty girl. Soon this everyday guy finds himself experimenting with makeup and wigs, stumbling headlong into a world of first time feminization, in this fun, flirty festive romance ...

  • ASIN: B07MN1YFV5
Undercover Girl (Transgender, Crossdressing, Feminization) -
Undercover Girl (Transgender, Crossdressing, Feminization)

When Brian is assigned to get close to a drug dealer, he has no idea what to expect. It’s his first case with the police force and he’s beyond nervous.When his best friend suggests he dresses up like a girl to get close with the drug dealer, all he can do is laugh. There was no way anyone would take him seriously! But Brian soon learns that dressing up as a woman might not be so bad… and it isn’t long before he realizes he may just be a little TOO convincing!

  • ASIN: B07F74RG7R

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