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Edupress Math Noodlers Game, Grades 2-3 (EP62350) -
Edupress Math Noodlers Game, Grades 2-3 (EP62350)

Fun with multiple intelligences! students solve math problems by choosing write it, draw it, show it and choose it cards. Concepts covered include addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, fractions, decimals, measurement, graphing, money and time. Multiple award winner! aligned with common core and state standards. Supports requirements of title I and other federally funded programs.

  • Color: Multi
  • Brand: Edupress
  • ASIN: B0011CZXD0
  • UPC: 797782023500
  • Part No: EP62350
2nd Grade Jumbo Math Success Workbook: Activities, Exercises, and Tips to Help Catch Up, Keep Up, and Get Ahead (Sylvan Math Jumbo Workbooks) -
2nd Grade Jumbo Math Success Workbook: Activities, Exercises, and Tips to Help Catch Up, Keep Up, and Get Ahead (Sylvan Math Jumbo Workbooks)

3 BOOKS IN 1! This super-sized workbook is jam-packed with 320 pages of kid-friendly, teacher-reviewed exercises—perfect for kids tackling 2nd grade math. Building a strong foundation in basic math is essential as 2nd graders prepare to advance to more difficult math concepts. This Jumbo Workbook (a $39 value for just $18.99!) is a compilation of 3 of Sylvan Learning's most popular curriculum-based activity books* and includes 320 colorful pages all designed to help your child become familiar with basic math concepts like:• place value & number sense• addition & subtraction• grouping & sharing• fractions• geometry & measurement• time & money• graphs & data... and much more!With vibrant, colorful pages full of games and puzzles, 2nd Grade Jumbo Math Success Workbook will help your child catch up, keep up, and get ahead—and best of all, to have lots of fun doing it!*Includes the full text of 2nd Grade Basic Math, 2nd Grade Math Games & Puzzles, and 2nd Grade Math in Action***** Why Sylvan Products Work *****Sylvan Learning Workbooks won a National Parenting Publications Awards (NAPPA) Honors Award as a top book series for children in the elementary-aged category. NAPPA is the nation’s most comprehensive awards program for children’s products a...

  • Brand: Sylvan Learning Publishing
  • ASIN: 0375430504
  • Part No: 9780375430503
Ideal 4-Way CountDown Game -
Ideal 4-Way CountDown Game

Ideal 4-Way CountDown Game is a fun and educational game that will challenge your addition, subtraction, multiplication and division skills by simply using the numbers on the dice. The game starts by each player laying down all (10) of their wooden keys on the 4-Way CountDown unit. The first player presses the dice popper in the center of the game board and the 2 numbers popped must be converted into 1 number by using various methods explained on the instruction sheet. For example, if you pop a 3 and a 1, you could make it a 4 by adding, 2 by subtracting or 3 by multiplying or dividing. Flip up whichever number key is down. Be careful though, pop a double 6 and all of your keys go back down, or pop 11 and all of your opponent's keys go back down. The first player to flip up all 10 keys on his or her side of the playing board wins the game. Ideal's 4-Way CountDown game is designed for 2-4-players, measures 10.25-inches by 1.5-inches by 10.25-inches. Includes a wooden game board, dice popper and instructions. Recommended for children 6 years of age and older.

  • Color: Multi
  • Brand: Ideal
  • ASIN: B000229N2C
  • UPC: 199999997627
  • Part No: 0C241
Miss Brain's Cool Math Games: For Kids In Grades 1-3 - Revised Edition -
Miss Brain's Cool Math Games: For Kids In Grades 1-3 - Revised Edition

Who knew that GAMES could help kids get better at math?! It’s hard for kids to learn when they are anxious, bored, or confused about math. Games make math fun and give kids a reason to learn.. Miss Brain’s Cool Math Games helps kids get better at math quickly and painlessly—without even realizing they’re learning! Miss Brain’s Cool Math Games is an ideal choice for your family if: your child is doing math at a 3rd-5th grade level your child struggles with math, or just doesn’t like it you want an inexpensive solution with big results you are looking for a fun, easy way to help your child with math We’ve made all the games super simple, so that you and your child can be ready to play in just a few minutes. We’ve also kept extra materials to a minimum: if you have dice and a deck of cards, you’re good to go! The 32 games in this book were selected to help kids master early elementary number sense, addition, subtraction, multiplication, fractions, place value, and money.

  • ASIN: 1541121643
Edupress Mathological Liar Game, Grade 4 (EP63397) -
Edupress Mathological Liar Game, Grade 4 (EP63397)

Students will love becoming math detectives! Players earn points for solving math mysteries in this entertaining and educational game. In each round, players read about a crime committed and each player receives a suspect's alibi. Players must determine whether the math in their suspect’s alibi is correct or Nt. If the math is correct, the suspect is innocent, if the math is incorrect, the suspect is guilty of the crime. Each game requires players to use multiple grade-level math skills. The game includes ideas for turning the game into a quick-and-easy math center. Aligned with Common Core and State Standards. Supports requirements of Title I and other federally funded programs.

  • Brand: Edupress
  • UPC: 765515033973
  • Part No: EP63397
Learning Resources Money Bags Coin Value Game -

  • Color: Multicolor
  • Brand: Learning Resources
  • ASIN: B00004TDTQ
  • UPC: 885940339935
  • Part No: LER5057
Brain Quest Grade 2 Math (Brain Quest Decks) -
Brain Quest Grade 2 Math (Brain Quest Decks)

What do you call the line that cuts a circle in half? If May 31 is a Wednesday, what day of the week will June 2 be? Is the sum of 521+459 more or less than 1000? Plus operations, fractions, patterns, angles, three-dimensional shapes, Celsius and Farenheit, and: Rena’s baby sister is 1½ years old. How many months old is she? Math skills are crucial―and there’s no reason for students to struggle. Brain Quest Math Grade 2 teaches kids the fundamentals of math and the pleasure of being a problem solver with 1,000 curriculum-based questions and answers reflecting the latest school standards. Because learning plus practice, time, skill and drills add up to knowledge. Vetted by a panel of America’s highest award-winning teachers, and embraced by kids and parents because it flat-out works, Brain Quest opens a world of information and education with its fast-paced question-and-answer format, bright full-color illustrations, and lively attitude.

  • Brand: Brainquest
  • ASIN: 0761141367
  • UPC: 019628141361
  • Part No: 9780761141365
Teacher Created Resources I Have... Who Has...? Math Games Grade 2-3 (7818) -
Teacher Created Resources I Have... Who Has...? Math Games Grade 2-3 (7818)

The entire class can have fun while practicing skills in language arts and math. Hand out all 37 cards. (Some players may get more than one card.) The student whose card reads, "I have the first card. Who has...?" begins.

  • Color: Multi Color
  • Brand: Teacher Created Resources
  • ASIN: 1420678183
  • UPC: 088231978183
  • Part No: 7818
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