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Batman: Shadow of the Bat Vol. 1 -
Batman: Shadow of the Bat Vol. 1

Batman isn’t the only masked crusader in town—and Arkham Asylum has many, many cells beyond those detaining the Penguin, the Joker, and Poison Ivy. But this is not the dark, dismal Arkham Asylum of old—this modern Arkham is run by the son of the original founder, Jeremiah Arkham. He is determined to improve on his father’s methods, and in doing so walks perilously close to the abyss of madness himself. Can Jeremiah cure the Dark Knight when Batman is committed to Arkham for killing a cop? Writer ALAN GRANT (DETECTIVE COMICS) joins artists TIM SALE (BATMAN: THE LONG HALLOWEEN), NORM BREYFOGLE (BATMAN), and more in these stories about the men and women in shadow—the shadow of the Bat! Collects BATMAN: THE SHADOW OF THE BAT #1-12!

  • Brand: Diamond Comics
  • ASIN: 1401263194
CarterH Misfits Collection Men's Basic Vest Tank Top T-Shirt L -
CarterH Misfits Collection Men's Basic Vest Tank Top T-Shirt L

1. ULTIMATE COMFORT: You Can Never Have Enough Comfortable Clothing! You Will Want To Wear Our Styles Every Day, All Day.2. TRUSTED DURABILITY: Whether You're At The Gym Or On The Couch, Get Clothing That Will Withstand Any Activity Or Non-activity. You Can Trust That Your Clothes Will Outlast The Competition, Just Like You.

  • Color: Black
  • Brand: Carter Hayden
  • ASIN: B07JKS4FY2
American Short Story Masterpieces: A Rich Selection of Recent Fiction from America's Best Modern Writers -
American Short Story Masterpieces: A Rich Selection of Recent Fiction from America's Best Modern Writers

This highly acclaimed collection of short stories by American writers contains only the best literary art of the past four decades. Editors Raymond Carver and Tom Jenks have selected fiction that “tells a story”–and tells it with a masterful handling of language, situation, and insight. But what is so special about this volume is that it mirrors our age, our concerns, and our lives. Whether it’s the end of a marriage, as in Bobbie Ann Manson’s “Shiloh,” or the struggle with self-esteem and weight in Andre Dubus’s “The Fat Girl,” the 36 works included her probe issues that give us that “shock of recognition” that is the hallmark of great art—wonderful, absorbing fiction that will be read and reread for decades to come.

  • Brand: 2049145481
  • ASIN: 0440204232
Ghoulia (Book 1) -
Ghoulia (Book 1)

Ghoulia lives in Crumbling Manor with her Auntie Departed and spends most of her time playing with Tragedy, her beloved albino greyhound. But things aren’t as easy as they seem for this little zombie girl—all she wants is a real friend. She tries to venture past the manor’s walls, but she can’t hide her pale green skin or the deep purple circles under her eyes. The other children will be afraid of her, and no one will want to be her friend. But when Halloween rolls around, Ghoulia hatches a brilliant plan. All the other, ordinary children will be dressed up like monsters, so Ghoulia can go out into the town and be entirely herself. In the end, all the kids realize that Ghoulia is (almost) just like them and learn that friendship can come in many forms.  

  • ASIN: 1419732935
  • Part No: 31906875
Life As Art: The Club 57 Story -
Life As Art: The Club 57 Story

The experiences of Club 57's director Stanley Strychacki, as recorded here, briefly describe many of the artworks and performances that were shown and created therein. But this is not the overriding purpose of the book. Works by the more renowned artists, such as Keith Haring, Kenny Scharf and Jean-Michel Basquiat, are more fully explicated in art history books and museum and gallery catalogues. But here, these and less celebrated works are interwoven with the circumstances of the club-how it came to be, how the participants interacted, and how the things that happened were able to happen. The last of these holds the biggest key. How was it that what appeared to be a punk rock club, filled with visually outrageous, verbally incitive and overtly sexually experimental young people, was allowed to operate for five years in the basement of a church! And how did the members come up with night after night of performances, art shows, film festivals, group activities and extensively casted productions - a new program nearly every night, and all this without any of the government-sponsored funding that is so bitterly and publicly fought over today. Leonard Abrams

  • ASIN: 1440147523
Misfits Collection II We Are 138 Static Age Dog Shirt Costumes -
Misfits Collection II We Are 138 Static Age Dog Shirt Costumes

Misfits Collection II We Are 138 Static Age Dog Vest Black,100% Polyester Fiber.Eco-friendly Material. SHARE It With Your Friends, Order Together And Save On Shipping. Choose From The Available Styles And Colors Below! 7-15 Working Days.Click BUY NOW To Pick Your Dog Size And Order!

  • Color: Black
  • Brand: ZhiPage
  • ASIN: B01M0RE078
  • Part No: zhihua13-10539376
B Movie Buttons Pins -
B Movie Buttons Pins

These beautiful 1.25" buttons contain awesome images of old sci fi and horror b movies. They are great gifts to hand out at viewing parties and Halloween. They are also wonderful for scrapbook pages, handmade jewelry items, stocking stuffers, party favors, and cupcake toppers. This particular set contains images of Invasion of the Saucer Men, Attack of the Crab Monsters, Astro Zombies, Beast From Haunted Cave, Terror From The Year 5000, Attack of the Giant Leeches, Attack of the 50 ft. Woman, The Vampire Bat, Dracula, Queen Of Blood, The Brain Eaters, and Eyes Without A Face. Please see the additional image so you can get a better idea of the size. Thanks!

  • Color: Various
  • Brand: I Love Buttons
  • ASIN: B00JI02YTS
The Misfit Pumpkin -
The Misfit Pumpkin

The Misfit Pumpkin knows he is different from all the other pumpkins in the pumpkin patch, because the pumpkins in Farmer Jim's field keep telling him so. They make fun of him telling him he will never be chosen for a Jack-O-Lantern this year. The Misfit Pumpkin is a story for everyone. It was written specifically for all children that perceive being different is unacceptable for one reason or another. Our little pumpkin is fat and orange, but not round. This story helps children to realize being different doesn't make an individual a misfit, but wonderfully unique. It teaches the importance of accepting everyone for their differences, as well as, for their similarities. This story is excellent for reading aloud, because it stimulates imagination. It entertains those little ones who love the fun of Halloween, and at the same time teaches the value of acceptance. Children will love how the little pumpkin triumphs over adversity.

  • ASIN: 1466396296
The Halloween Collection (DVD) - Misfits Halloween Collection

    Model Number: 31398205869

The Misfits - Halloween

The Misfits - "Halloween" & "Halloween II"