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Monster Math Squad - Volume One - 30 Episodes -
Monster Math Squad - Volume One - 30 Episodes

Have No Fear, The Monster Math Squad Is Here! Join the loveable Max, Lily and Goo as they use their monster math skills to help solve any obstacle they face! Mad for all things mathy , The Monster Math Squad use their skills of counting, measuring, sizing, sorting and exploring to help other monsters in trouble and make new friends along the way. Oozing with heart and fun-filled adventures, this series mission is to promote the love of numbers by showing young viewers that math is all around us and can be used every day and everywhere, even in the world of monsters! Episodes: Disc 1 Wolfie Goes WalkiesNumber Muncher MonsterMissing Monster HouseBig Monster MessGarbage Monster DeliversTrouble at the Monster Day Care CentreUncle Gloop's Big BlunderBig Burp Monster at the LibraryMonsters At PlayMonster Meltdown Disc 2 Picky Eater's PicnicA Muffin MysteryWho's On FirstScary Face Picture DayMonster Hat MayhemSlime Cream SundaeThe Big StinkMonster Muffin MuddleLittle Wally Ball-y Monster Monster Hopscotch Disc 3 Sneeze FreezeMonster Garbage HeapThe Scoop TroopMonster Tea PartyFalls Apart Monster Nose WoesBucking Monster MayhemMonster Fang FestivalMonster Road HockeyMonster Traffic TroubleA Bungle at Barks and Stench

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A Brilliant Young Mind -

The Monster Squad - Monster Math Squad

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Monster Math Squad, Volume 1 (3-DVD) - Monster Math Squad

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Monster Math Squad | FULL EPISODE | The Scoop Troop | Learning Numbers Series

MONSTER MATH SQUAD | Episode: Find the nose | Learning Number Series