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Fear of the Dark -
Fear of the Dark

When Thomas is four years old, he experiences the first foreshadowings of an adult awareness: His personality achieves the beginnings of structure; his experience becomes more coherent. This shift in consciousness is marked by his encounter with four new ideas:1. The realization that he can die. And that he inevitably will die;2. Religion, and the question of where everything came from;3. The first glimmerings of sexuality, an odd giddiness when he looks at women;4. Supernatural threats: ghosts, living skeletons, and related phenomena; Thomas develops an overpowering fear of the dark.So begins Thomas' psychological and philosophical journey through fear and metaphysics. Told loosely in the form of a short story, Fear of the Dark follows Thomas from early childhood into college, and chronicles his attempts to understand reality. Thomas' experience of becoming lost on Halloween night and running home down a deserted road through a dark forest is used as the central metaphor, but the narrative also includes a visit to the site of the camp at Dachau, and insights Thomas has while working in the intensive care unit of a hospital. His youthful fear of the dark is used to explore various concepts, from the Uncaused Cause of everything, to the nature of empathy, to whether mor...

Batman: Dark Victory (New Edition) -
Batman: Dark Victory (New Edition)

In this sequel to the legendary Batman: The Long Halloween, another mystery killer has sprouted in Gotham City, but it's not the town we all quite knew. Once a place controlled by organized crime, Gotham City suddenly finds itself being run by lawless freaks, such as Poison Ivy, Mr. Freeze, and the Joker. It is still early in Batman's crimefighting career, but the Dark Knight is on the verge of completing his transformation into the city's greatest defender. However, nothing he has experienced thus far—not even a new sidekick named Robin—will prepare him for the Hangman. With the murders reminiscent of the Holiday killing spree just a year ago, Batman will have to call on every one of his detective's instincts to solve a mystery that goes even deeper—and more dangerous—than any he's faced before. From the juggernaut creative team of Jeph Loeb and Tim Sales comes Batman: Dark Victory, one of the finest stories in the Dark Knight's fabled lore. Collects issues #0-13.

  • Brand: DC Comics
  • ASIN: 1401244017
  • UPC: 884277920540
  • Part No: 21442867
Falconairy: Vol.1 The Queen of Halloween 2017 -
Falconairy: Vol.1 The Queen of Halloween 2017

Young Patrick Wigmare fell head over heels in love a girl named Angelica, and she with him. He would do practically anything for her, and her father hated him with a passion. This Romeo and Juliet love story, has Patrick almost getting killed on more that one occasion. He ends up having to crossdress in an attempt to hide out as a woman named Athena, trapped in the unaware arms of his girlfriend's father. Who has more than a passing romantic interest in. Dance after dance, Angelica's father grows more enamored with Athena. The crossdressed Patrick trying to not only keep the disguise going that is prolonging his life, but do so while warding off the unwanted advances of his girlfriend's father. In front of the whole town. Patrick is disguised Wednesday Addams, it's so good that he ends up winning a costume contest as a woman. They crown Patrick Queen of Halloween, he's in total shock as they hustle him around with town's dignitaries for photos & video. Now the star of the town parade the ends the contest, and officially starts the picnic festival. Angelica's father Jeff was only more excited by this spectacle, Her smile, beauty, and presence up there on that float. But before he could fulfill his plans, to sample her womanly charms this evening. That surely would have meant him g...

  • ASIN: B07JF31WPB
The Buried Giant: A novel -
The Buried Giant: A novel

From the author of Never Let Me Go and the Booker Prize-winning The Remains of the Day   The Romans have long since departed and Britain is steadily declining into ruin. But, at least, the wars that once ravaged the country have ceased. Axl and Beatrice, a couple of elderly Britons, decide that now is the time, finally, for them to set off across this troubled land of mist and rain to find the son they have not seen for years, the son they can scarcely remember. They know they will face many hazards—some strange and otherworldly—but they cannot foresee how their journey will reveal to them the dark and forgotten corners of their love for each other. Nor can they foresee that they will be joined on their journey by a Saxon warrior, his orphan charge, and a knight—each of them, like Axl and Beatrice, lost in some way to his own past, but drawn inexorably toward the comfort, and the burden, of the fullness of a life’s memories. Sometimes savage, sometimes mysterious, always intensely moving, Kazuo Ishiguro’s first novel in a decade tells a luminous story about the act of forgetting and the power of memory, a resonant tale of love, vengeance, and war.

  • Brand: Knopf Publishing Group
  • ASIN: 030727103X
  • Part No: BBC271037
Batman Vol. 7: Endgame (The New 52) (Batman: the New 52!) -
Batman Vol. 7: Endgame (The New 52) (Batman: the New 52!)

HA. HA. HA.  Batman’s greatest foe has returned for one last gag. But this time, not even the Joker is laughing. In their last encounter, the Dark Knight failed to live up to Joker’s grand plans, so now the Joker is deadly serious. The games are over, and for their final showdown, the Clown Prince of Crime won’t be staging a comedy…The #1 New York Times best-selling team of Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo create the ultimate face-off between the greatest hero and villain in all of comics in BATMAN VOLUME 7: ENDGAME—and it’s no laughing matter. Collects stories from BATMAN #35-40.

  • Brand: DC COMICS
  • ASIN: 1401256899
  • UPC: 787721929864
  • Part No: 23016673
Killer Legends -

  • ASIN: B00M4TACL2
Make America Great Again Hat [2 Pack], Donald Trump USA MAGA Cap Adjustable Baseball Hat -
Make America Great Again Hat [2 Pack], Donald Trump USA MAGA Cap Adjustable Baseball Hat

The Iconic Make America Great Again Hat [2 Pack] One size fits all designMade for ultra comfort with breathable designMade of premium cottonColor:RedWarranty:30 day hassle-free money back guarantee

  • Color: Red
  • Brand: Ezone
  • UPC: 600192460035

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