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Peppa Pig Masquerade -

  • ASIN: B0764YXZWP
Peppa's Halloween Party (Peppa Pig: 8x8) -
Peppa's Halloween Party (Peppa Pig: 8x8)

It is the spookiest time of year! Peppa and her family play outside in the leaves, carve pumpkins, and dress up in costumes for a Halloween party with all of their friends!

  • ASIN: 0545925436
Beetlejuice: Season 1 -
Beetlejuice: Season 1

Beetlejuice is the name of a wild bug-eating ghost from the 'Netherworld' with a bad habit of acting stupid and a weakness for not working well with others. His best friend Lydia is a mortal who, despite being best friends, is consistently getting pranks pulled on her by Beetlejuice! Trapped in the Netherworld, the only way Beetlejuice can visit the Outerworld (mortal world) is when his name is repeated three times, but unfortunately for him that is the same way to send him back! Season One Disc 1 Critter Sitters The Big Face Off / Skeletons In The Closet A Dandy Handy Man / Out Of My Mind Stage Fright / Spooky Tree Laugh Of The Party Worm Welcome Disc 2 Bad Neighbor Beetlejuice / Campfire Ghouls Pest O’ The West Bizarre Bazaar / Pat On The Back Poopsie / It’s The Pits Prince Of The Neitherworld Quit While You’re A Head Cousin B.J. / Beetlejuice’s Parents NOTE: There are 20 episodes, by which is meant there are 20 distinct stories, which is the standard definition of an episode. Some of those stories/episodes are half the length of a normal half hour, so the half hour has two of them. In other words, there are 13 half hours, but twenty episodes/stories.

  • Brand: Shout Factory
  • UPC: 826663140347
  • Part No: unknown

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