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Kids PLANTS VS ZOMBIES Zombie Costume Medium -
Kids PLANTS VS ZOMBIES Zombie Costume Medium

When your kid wanted to start playing a game about zombies you might have balked. Zombies, they're pretty intense, won't that game be a little too disturbing for your beloved innocent one? Then you saw that game that they were playing and we wouldn't blame you if you stole the gaming device from your little one to start playing as well. You know, for research sake! If your child loves getting to know those secondary plants characters or maintaining those pea shooter upgrades, they just might love playing the enemy for a night. While you might want to make sure they stay away from the neighborhood gardens (their imagination just might think that potato patch is a real threat!) you'll enjoy watching them do their best zombie impression. As zombies go, a monster that can be taken down by a delicious vegetable is one that isn't going to inspire any Halloween nightmares. For the most entertaining effect, dress a sibling as the ever reliable pea shooter for an epic photo shoot and even more epic night! It's easy for your child to transform into this bug eyed monster. The pants have a green legging to making that green hued skin look believable. Your zombie will look like they're straight from the office in the disheveled suit coat and tie. Finished off with the oversized cartoonish mas...

  • Color: Brown
  • Brand: Fun Costumes
  • ASIN: B075XSS2C4
  • UPC: 889851013694
  • Part No: FUN6321CH
Toddler Plants Vs Zombies Zombie Costume 4T -
Toddler Plants Vs Zombies Zombie Costume 4T

This is a Toddler Plants Vs Zombies Zombie costume. - Jacket - Shirt Front - Pants - Headpiece - Necktie

  • Color: Multicolor
  • Brand: Fun Costumes
  • UPC: 889851074305
  • Part No: FUN6321TD
Plants Vs Zombies Child Peashooter Costume Small (6) -
Plants Vs Zombies Child Peashooter Costume Small (6)

Hard work, commitment, and a healthy well-balanced breakfast of sunlight and high-fiber carbon dioxide make it all possible." Make what possible, one might ask, but any avid gamer would know what this articulate peashooter is talking about. This chlorophyll-filled plant is a certified weapon of mass destruction when it comes to the undead. In other words, the peashooter is a lethal zombie slayer. That's right, this adorable weed-like creature has made a promise to shield any household from ravenous flesh-eating zombies, so he's prepared to pelt his peas at any brain-muncher who tries to enter your home. Yup, this feisty plant is on the front defensive line taking down zombies for your well-being. If we were you, we would run over to your nearest house plant and give them a great big hug! Who knew that your greenery could be so heroic? Young fans of the popular video game will tell you right away why peashooting plants are so important. Little gamers will love this exclusive Plants Vs Zombies peashooter costume because it will transform them into the power-packing plant who doesn't allow zombies to nibble on his sprouts. This plush costume comes with the jumpsuit, headpiece, gloves, and foot covers so young players will be completely covered in green from head to toe when they're ...

  • Color: Green
  • Brand: Fun Costumes
  • ASIN: B01M9B961T
  • UPC: 889851013649
  • Part No: FUN6320CH
Plants Vs. Zombies Kids Sunflower Costume X-Large -
Plants Vs. Zombies Kids Sunflower Costume X-Large

This child-sized licensed Plant vs Zombies features a soft, green jumpsuit that zips up the back. Leaf-shaped mitts fit over the hands and detached booties covers let your child wear comfortable shoes and stay in character at the same time. The headpiece is a show stopper with a large smiling face like the one featured in the game. It has mesh covered eyes for limited vision and a hook and loop fastener in the back so taking the mask off is a breeze.  - Jumpsuit - Headpiece - Pair of Mitts - Pair of Booties

  • Color: Green
  • Brand: Fun Costumes
  • UPC: 889851075685
  • Part No: FUN6322CH
Plants Vs Zombies Peashooter Adult Exclusive Costume Standard Lime -
Plants Vs Zombies Peashooter Adult Exclusive Costume Standard Lime

In a world overrun by zombies, only one great strategist has the solution to it all. It's not hoarding all your guns, it's not building a sealed shelter stocked with food, and it's certainly not running for your life. Our hero has spoken, the battle lines have been drawn, tacos have been created, zombies are crawling out of the graves, and the radishes are about to begin a counter-offensive. Hold on a second... What? Radishes? Yeah, you heard us right. Crazy Dave is off to save the world with his squads of plant warriors taking down the hordes of various zombies, and which group of brave soldiers are at the forefront of the chaos? Those brave little peashooters. They're the bulk of the army, the grunts who can take a punch, and keep going to deliver a big pow right in the kisser of those ugly undead dummies. They're not the biggest plants in the group, but they've definitely got the heart and determination to make up for it. Not to mention they're about as cute as any other guys too. Just take one look at those giant, stubborn, eyes, and you'll know what kind of fire they have in their hearts. Well not real fire, because then they might be in a bit of trouble. Try as the vegetable resistance force might, their forces are beginning to dwindle, and the zombies are pushing ever furt...

  • Color: Lime
  • Brand: Fun Costumes
  • ASIN: B01M6X360O
  • UPC: 889851013670
  • Part No: FUN6320AD
Adult Plants VS Zombies Zombie Costume Standard Brown -
Adult Plants VS Zombies Zombie Costume Standard Brown

This zombie costume is from the Plants vs Zombies game franchise. The costume features bright blue pants with a layer of zombie green underneath. The top has an attached shirt, tie, and jacket combination. Topped off with the cartoon zombie mask your video game villain ensemble complete!? - Jacket - Pants - Headpiece - Necktie - Shirt Front

  • Color: Brown
  • Brand: Fun Costumes
  • ASIN: B075YKG7XC
  • UPC: 889851013717
  • Part No: FUN6321AD
Maggift Plants vs Zombies Series PVC Toys,16 Piece -
Maggift Plants vs Zombies Series PVC Toys,16 Piece

16 xplants vs zombies toys series game role figures display toy PVC decorations for kids gift

  • Brand: Maggift
  • ASIN: B01M4RUPK3
  • UPC: 747150097343
  • Part No: 43221-510
Ghoulish Productions Plants vs Zombies Kids Mask -

  • Color: Green
  • Brand: Ghoulish Productions
  • ASIN: B0768LX2YT
  • UPC: 736098222887
  • Part No: NA
Kids Zombie Hunter Costume - Plants Vs Zombie Costumes

    Model Number: 68537

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