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Shrek Forever After -
Shrek Forever After

The Shrek Forever After Play-a-Sound Book is an interactive sound book that follows Shrek and his friends in an action-packed adventure. Ten fun sound buttons help bring the story to life. Designed for children ages 18 months and older, this play-a-sound book entertains children with a story based on the Shrek Forever After movie. As children read, they can match the pictures in the text with the pictures on the sound buttons to play silly and suspenseful sounds, including music clips, Shrek s roar, cackling witches, and the noisy ogre army. In the story, Shrek s life has been turned upside-down. He used to be the scariest ogre in the swamp, but now that he has a family, he s known as a big softy. Rumpel hatches a sneaky plan: He offers Shrek the chance to be an ogre for a day, but Shrek must give up a day from his past in return. Shrek agrees to the deal and becomes a fierce ogre once again. Soon, however, he is captured by wicked witches and learns that Rumpel took away his birthday. Children can follow the action as Shrek struggles to get his Happily Ever After back. Features of the Shrek Forever After Play-a-Sound Book include: Popular Shrek characters engage children in an exciting adventure. Sound buttons make the characters and the story come to life. The book s heavy cov...

  • ASIN: 1412745713
2001 Shrek #57 Princess Fiona's Retribution -
2001 Shrek #57 Princess Fiona's Retribution

2001 Dart FlipCards trading card in near mint/mint condition, authenticated by Seller

  • Brand: Dart Flipcards Inc.
  • ASIN: B06X9D4YBX
Shrek's Opposites (Shrek 2) -
Shrek's Opposites (Shrek 2)

Everyone's favorite ogre is back! Shrek, Fiona, and Donkey are ready to live "happily ever after" but things aren't what they seem and nothing is easy--except for joining in the fun. It's in this bookWelcome to Shrek's World! For the youngest Shrek fans, here's a delightful introduction to everyone's favorite ogre. Written with Shrek's classic brand of humor, this is book that will appeal to kids again and again.The cover is a molded Shrek face that makes the book a unique collectable as well as lots of fun for kids of all ages.LICENSOR APPROVAL PENDING

  • ASIN: 0439597153
Shrek the Third: Royally Wrong -
Shrek the Third: Royally Wrong

Fiona's father is sick, and so Shrek and Fiona must help out around Far Far Away. There's only one problem: Shrek isn't cut out for the royal life. He's too big, too green, and way too ogre. Will he become a respected ruler or the laughingstock of the entire kingdom?

  • ASIN: 0061228613
Shrek and Fiona's Slide Show Projector Book (Shrek 2) -
Shrek and Fiona's Slide Show Projector Book (Shrek 2)

The big green ogre returns -- and he's even funnier, more exciting, more romantic, and more fantastic! Scholastic is pleased to announce a full line of Shrek 2 books for this magical movie moment.Along with a full-color Shrek 2 movie storybook, this title also includes a mini DVD projector that can play beautiful stills from the film on any wall in the house!Licensor approval pending.

  • ASIN: 0439576318
Shrek the Third: Fiona's Fairy-tale Five -
Shrek the Third: Fiona's Fairy-tale Five

While Shrek is off finding an heir to the throne, Fiona must watch the kingdom. But soon Prince Charming and his band of villains storm the castle. Fiona has little time to turn a group of prim and proper princesses into lean, mean, fighting machines. Can her fairy-tale five come together in time to take back their castle?

  • ASIN: 0061228621
Anogol Hair Cap +80cm Curly Wavy Red Wigs Women Fashion Lolita Cosplay Wig -
Anogol Hair Cap +80cm Curly Wavy Red Wigs Women Fashion Lolita Cosplay Wig

Description: Anogol Hair Cap +80cm Curly Wavy Red Wigs Women Fashion Lolita Cosplay Wig Description: FASHION COLOR:red Length: 24 inches (from the top to the end) SIZE: circumference of wig about 22.5 inches, which is average size. DENSITY: 180% CAP STRUCTURE: The size is adjustable and no pins or tape should be required. It should be fit on most people. All you should need to do is adjust the hooks inside the cap to the correct size to suit your head. MATERIAL: 100% Synthetic heat resistant red synthetic wig fiberPACKAGE INCLUDING:1 red wig +1 wig cap Hair Care:When the wig becomes dry, disheveled or not wavy, the long red cosplay wig also needs care. you can spray wig care solution over the wig 2 to 3 times.Remember to keep the wig off the solution for 15-25cm with small amount when spraying, especially at the center of the wig end. Comb the wig gently from the ends and do up the hair yourself.The inner side may get knotted sometimes,it needs your careful combing with specialized comb. 1.Gently comb the wig with your fingers2.Gently comb the wig from the end of the wig with special comb. 3.If the wig is tangled at the end, you can cut the knotted area directly. 4.To prolong the use time, it had better keep under 100℃. How To Wear:1. Tie your hair up to be a bun2. Stretch t...

  • Color: Red Cosplay Wig
  • Brand: ANOGOL
  • ASIN: B00PYC6D50
  • UPC: 707421035153
  • Part No: F2-VC7G-UB2B

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