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Thai Cookbook: Mastering Art of Cooking Thai Recipes -
Thai Cookbook: Mastering Art of Cooking Thai Recipes

Quick and Easy RecipesAre you tired of cooking too much food only to end up throwing it away? Cooking for counted people can be very easy! These delicious recipes are easy to follow, simply prepared, and just right for feeding number of people you want!Your Problems Have Been Solved ==> EASY, STEP-BY-STEP RECIPES!No more overcooking and inaccurate proportion control! These recipes are so simple and easy to follow. You will cook just the right amount of food for counted people to enjoy.** Simple and Easy Recipes **Best-Selling Author, Rebecca WilliamsRebecca Williams is a best-selling author that knows a thing or two about cooking! Cooking and experimenting with foods is her life passion. Driven by her desire for cooking for others (and herself), Rebecca spends a lot of time in the kitchen! She enjoys sharing her love of food with the world by creating "no-nonsense" recipe books that anyone can use..Scroll up and click 'buy' to enjoy these delicious recipes!100% Money Back Guarantee

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House - Shichimi Togarashi - Japanese Mixed Chili Pepper 0.63 Oz -
House - Shichimi Togarashi - Japanese Mixed Chili Pepper 0.63 Oz

This red pepper mix is created with our fine blend of seven spices, including carefully selected Chinese red chili pepper and other spices along with tasty green laver powder. It’s a popular Japanese spice blend with seven different spices that complement each other and create aromatic flavors.

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From Kau Kau to Cuisine: An Island Cookbook, Then and Now -
From Kau Kau to Cuisine: An Island Cookbook, Then and Now

The Evolution of Island CookingFrom fine dining to food trucks, Hawaii's contemporary cuisine is indelibly influenced by its small-town plantation past. From Kau Kau to Cuisine: An Island Cookbook, Then and Now is a unique culinary guide to that connection between old and new. In this lavish, hardcover collection of 60 recipes, time-proven local dishes are paired with new creations inspired by the same flavors and ingredients.Food historian Arnold Hiura provides the fascinating backstory of Hawaii's culinary journey from roots in tight-knit communities to how—and what—Islanders eat today. Hiura points out, for instance, that common foods once consumed out of necessity, such as offal cuts or native plants, have once again become popular. The buzzwords of modern cuisine—sustainable, homegrown, foraged—are in fact age-old practices; many old-timers never stopped sourcing, cooking and eating their foods in these ways.In From Kau Kau to Cuisine, Big Island television personality and KTA Super Stores executive vice-president Derek Kurisu and Oahu executive chef Jason Takemura of Hukilau Honolulu and Pagoda Floating Restaurant, have teamed up to present 30 pairs of recipes. Each pair matches a "Then" dish from Kurisu—a classic plantation or traditional local-style favorite—w...

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Crystal Noodle Soup, 6 Kinds of Mushrooms, 1.9 Ounce (Pack of 6) -
Crystal Noodle Soup, 6 Kinds of Mushrooms, 1.9 Ounce (Pack of 6)

Instant foods have become part of everyone’s life. As more brands and more choices appear, the uninteresting ingredients and mediocre tastes are the same for all of them, except one: Crystal Noodle. We are unique in our use of only the highest quality ingredients to produce the safest products. The name Crystal Noodle describes the gluten-free, thin, clear mung bean noodles. Always non-fried, our delicious flourless noodles have 0% trans fat. They’re naturally low in calories and cholesterol. And, because of their delicate, translucent nature, they are perfect for absorbing the rich, freeze-dried flavors of Crystal Noodle Soup’s authentic recipes.

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Nissin Chili Flavor Instant Soup, 3 oz, 24 ct -
Nissin Chili Flavor Instant Soup, 3 oz, 24 ct

The versatility of Top Ramen makes our crowd-pleasing original an enduring family favorite. It's more than just a soup loaded with our world-famous ramen noodles. It's the best value you'll find anywhere in your grocery store. With so many ways to enjoy Top Ramen, it's one meal that always stirs the appetite.

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Fine Cooking August September 2009 -
Fine Cooking August September 2009


Korean Chile Flakes (Gochugaru), 8oz. -
Korean Chile Flakes (Gochugaru), 8oz.

Good quality chile pepper flakes is the backbone to making good kimchi. We select the finest chile pepper flakes to bring you our custom blend of gochugaru that we use in all of our kimchi sold in stores. Our signature fruity, complex, earthy spice notes and crimson color is of the finest quality and one of the most important ingredients in delicious kimchi. You'll notice a remarkable difference.

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Shichimi Togarashi | Japanese Seven Spice | Premium Gourmet Spice blend  | (4 oz.)  -
Shichimi Togarashi | Japanese Seven Spice | Premium Gourmet Spice blend  | (4 oz.) 

Shichimi - or seven-flavor chili pepper - is a widely used Japanese seasoning, that imparts bold, spicy flavors and sweet tang. Used primarily in noddle, meat dishes and stir-fries, the seasoning packs a powerful punch. All shichimi recipes contain fresh ground chili pepper. And other common ingredients include: Sansho or Szechuan pepper, nori, black or white sesame seeds, ginger, orange zest, hemp seed and/or poppy seed. The result is a blend of spices that is tongue-tingling spicy and zesty, and that's a key ingredient in many Japanese dishes. Most commonly, shichimi is used in noddle dishes, in soups or in beef and rice bowls. Japanese 7 Spice varies by region and it can take on many distinctive flavors. Some recipes use more chili than others, rendering a hotter spice, while others incorporate more orange zest, resulting in a more fragrant and milder spice. All recipes include red chili pepper. The chili peppers are typically coarsely ground, and many different varietals are used. In traditional recipes, Santaka peppers - a spicy Japanese cultivar - are popular, but jalapenos and cayenne peppers are also commonly used. Citrus is the other main component. Most commonly orange zest is used, yet some recipes also utilize tangerine zest, as it's sweeter and can balance the heat b...

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Spicy hot Asian style edamame - 辣味