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Witch's Night Out -
Witch's Night Out

A Haunting Halloween Classic! Featuring The Voice Talent of Gilda Radner! It s a spooky surprise when a witch s magic wand falls into the wrong hands in this nostalgic Halloween special! A treat for the whole family, this magical animated adventure returns to you just in time to celebrate this spooktacular season! When a witch hears of a party being held at her haunted mansion, she decides to bring on the fun! Showing off her magical tricks by turning the kids into whatever they want to be for Halloween. However, when her wand disappears the town is turned upside down! Bonus Features Includes: - Witch's Night Out - Comic Book- Casper the Friendly Ghost: There's Good Boos To-Night - The Friendly Ghost - Boo Moon- Felix The Cat: Skulls and Sculls- Hoppity Hooper: Ghost- Space Angel: The Ghost and Crystal Mace- Popeye the Sailor Man: Spooky Swabs- New 3 Stooges: Mummies Boys- Meany, Miny & Moe: House of Magic

  • UPC: 683904536587
The Night Dracula Saved the World DVD (aka The Halloween that Almost Wasn't) Judd Hirsch -
The Night Dracula Saved the World DVD (aka The Halloween that Almost Wasn't) Judd Hirsch

On Halloween night, Count Dracula summons all the classic horror monsters to demand that they either revamp themselves into the horrible, scary creatures they are supposed to be, or get out of his castle. Definite disco-culture influence here. Judd Hirsch looks like a Saturday Night Fever throwback and he is spectacular! SPECIAL EDITION: All-Region Import DVD features this classic Halloween film in its entirety. Disc will play on players around the world as well! Special features include DVD menus, Trailers, and a bonus Halloween film! This is a classic Halloween film you and the family will love. DVD is in English and runs about 60 minutes.

  • ASIN: B0045MY654
  • UPC: 798304125849
Casper's Halloween Special -
Casper's Halloween Special

It's Halloween Night at the haunted house and a certain friendly ghost leaps at the chance to experience the delights of the night "just like a real boy." Donning a simple costume and counting on his natural coloration to carry him the rest of the way, Casper sets out for night of tricks and treats. The treats arrive in the form of a gang of orphan kids out for the night who accept Casper as one of the gang. But the tricks come in hard and heavy as Hairy Scary and the ghostly gang from the haunted house set out to do the Halloween duty and scare any who cross their path. And who better to bedevil than the kids who think it's cool to hang with the sweetest specter that ever spooked? Special Holiday Bonus Feature: The Thanksgiving That Almost Wasn't – learn the secret squirrel history of the first Thanksgiving as Jeremy Squirrel braves the wilderness to save a lost pilgrim boy and his Native American playmate on the eve of the first feast in this half-hour animated TV holiday classic.

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  • Part No: WARA688622DVD
DVD Casper Halloween 2pk -

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Rocket Power: The Complete First Season -
Rocket Power: The Complete First Season

Get stoked for action with over 8 hours of Rocket Power in this complete first season collection! It's Reggie, Otto, Twister and Sam in all 20 episodes including the ones when Sam arrives in Ocean Shores, the shoobies invade, Otto has a short-lived corporate sponsorship, the annual Ocean Shores Sandcastle Competition hits the beach and the gang sneak out with Eddie, Prince Of The Netherworld, for Mischief Night. Plus, check out Ray's Secret Surf Spot, Madtown, the pier amusement park, Mt. Baldy and all the other places you know to go to for extreme action in Rocket Power! Disc 1: New Squid on the Block/Down the Drain Secret Spot/Ice Queens Otto 3000/Night Prowler Happy Luau to You-Au/Rocket Rescue Twister's Cuz/Big Thursday Rocket Girls/Father's Day Off Powergirl Surfers/Twisted Cinema Disc 2: Blader Bowl/Total Luger D is for Dad/Banned on the Run Super McVarial 900/Loss of Squid Rainy Days & Sundaes/Zine Dreams Hawaii Blues/Lost & Find The Night Before/Violet's Violet Fall & Rise of Sam/Typhoid Sam Disc 3: The Wrath of Don/Safety Patrol Sam Reggie and a Net/Great Sandcastle Race Escape from Lars Mountain/It Was a Dark and Stormy Day Aloha Kid/Ottomobile The Big Air Dare/Otto's Big Break Snow Day/Welcome To The Club

  • UPC: 887936890833
Skull Castle & the Temple of Candy: The Halloween that Almost Wasn't -
Skull Castle & the Temple of Candy: The Halloween that Almost Wasn't

The people of Tiger Towne love Halloween, but there is one named Mr. Charlie Crabgrass who does not. Mr. Crabgrass hates everything and tries to shut down a charity haunted house. Tiger Towne rallies together to show Mr. Crabgrass what good can come when they work together.

  • ASIN: 1976578205
The Thanksgiving that Almost Wasn't -
The Thanksgiving that Almost Wasn't

The Thanksgiving That Almost Wasn’t is based on a true story of how the devil attacked and tried to destroy a Christian family that was trying to live right for the glory of God. As the story unfolds, you will laugh, cry and rejoice with the Johnson family as they go through a temporary but tough separation. But all is not lost. Through love, forgiveness, hope, much prayer and a strong faith in God, read and see how this family was brought back together on their favorite holiday—Thanksgiving—a holiday they had never missed celebrating together. This event in their lives truly testifies to the truth of God’s Word, which says: “All things are possible with God.”

  • ASIN: B001NMT6LS
The Halloween Collection (DVD) - The Halloween That Almost Wasn't

    Model Number: 31398205869

The Night That Dracula Saved The World/Halloween That Almost Wasn't

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