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Little Red Riding Hood -
Little Red Riding Hood

In this beloved tale, Little Red Riding Hood is uneasy when her grandmother looks suspiciously like a sly wolf that she met along the way. Children will eagerly continue reading to see what will happen when the wolf shows how big and sharp his teeth are! --Between the pages of the Brighter Child(R) Keepsake Stories books are the classic tales of magic, imagination, and inspiration that will delight children again and again. From the hard-working Red Hen to the foolish Gingerbread Man, these stories will capture children's interest and spark their imagination page after page, inspiring a lifelong love of literature and reading. Each book includes 32 pages of fresh, captivating illustrations, and measures 8" x 8".

  • Brand: Brighter Child
  • ASIN: 1577681983
  • Part No: 9781577681984
Little Red Riding Hood -
Little Red Riding Hood

Little Red Riding Hood, also known as Little Red Cap, is a French fairy tale about a young girl and a Big Bad Wolf. The story has been changed considerably in its history and subject to numerous modern adaptations and readings.The story revolves around a girl called Little Red Riding Hood, after the red hooded cape/cloak (in Perrault's fairytale) or simple cap (in the Grimms' fairytale) she wears. The girl walks through the woods to deliver food to her sick grandmother.A wolf wants to eat the girl but is afraid to do so in public. He approaches Little Red Riding Hood and she naïvely tells him where she is going. He suggests the girl pick some flowers, which she does. In the meantime, he goes to the grandmother's house and gains entry by pretending to be the girl. He swallows the grandmother whole, and waits for the girl, disguised as the grandma.

  • ASIN: B006XCVB6G
Storytime Classics: Little Red Riding Hood -
Storytime Classics: Little Red Riding Hood

This beautiful new edition, simply told for young readers, breathes new life into the classic tale of Little Red Riding Hood and her meeting with the Big, Bad Wolf. Handed down through generations, today it's one of the most popular tales for young children and this stylish new edition is brilliantly illustrated in a fun modern style for a new generation to enjoy, telling the story simply and compellingly for today's youngest readers. This book is part of the much-loved Storytime Classics series which offers collectible, child-friendly format editions of classic stories to make the perfect home library for children everywhere.

  • ASIN: 1786036614
Little Red Riding Hood (Easy-to-Read, Puffin) -
Little Red Riding Hood (Easy-to-Read, Puffin)

While on a journey to her grandmother's house, a hungry wolf spots the little girl and sets a trap for her, in this classic fairy tale for beginning readers. Simultaneous.

  • ASIN: 0140565299
Roslyn's Rescue (Time-Told Tales Book 1) -
Roslyn's Rescue (Time-Told Tales Book 1)

Roslyn's circumstances changed when her father died, and her mother fell ill. She didn't know what would have happened if Asher, the woodcutter, had not helped them, however, the villagers think him dimwitted. When some rogue knights try to harass Roslyn and her mother forbids her to see Asher again, things look even more dire, and her trips through the Dark Woods to see Grandmother become even more dangerous. Her grandmother keeps telling her to trust God, but will that be enough?This classic fairy tale becomes a historical novella set in the Middle Ages. It will shed its magic and make-believe and take on a new reality that will keep readers turning pages until the end.

Little Red Riding Hood -


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